Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm About To Have A Lot More Time On My Hands

This week I quit my job.

I feel like I should have all kinds of things to say. But I don't. I always figured I would work at least part time after I had kids. But over the last few months I started to feel stressed about the constant state of disaster in my home. I cried about being a failure at having dinner on the table. I disliked having to rush around in the mornings and evenings to get places on time. I do not have great time management skills. (sarcastic "you? no!" from every single one of my teachers growing up).
Working part time has been mostly great, except that I treated my days off as "days off", and just chilled and got some things done here and there. By the time the weekend rolled around I was all ticked off at how much I had to do around the house!
I mentioned the the idea of a budget a couple weeks ago, and this was all in preparation. We can make it work, but not without some sacrifices! I think I'm ready. I'm nervous for this new chapter in my life. It certainly doesn't feel real yet, and it might not for a while.

This morning I spent a few minutes clipping coupons while enjoying a cup of coffee next to my peanut butter schmeared child and thought "this really isn't so bad at all." Except for Darby licking the air next to Charlotte in hopes that maybe the tip of her tongue would collect some peanut butter residue whilst Charlotte was flailing. The dog seriously looked possessed.
I could get used to this.

I think it will be a much easier transition going to full time stay at home mom from part time working mom, rather than full time working to full time SAHM. I am really looking forward to my time with Charlotte this summer before the new baby arrives in September. I absolutely know there will be challenges with this transition, especially with the lack of structure staying at home often creates. I should also mention that I will be doing some work from home with my husband's eBay business. It could use a little streamlining and organizing and nothing suits me better than to look at what someone else is doing and telling them what's wrong with it. Especially when it's my husband!

So that's what's new in Emily World.

It's another GIRL!
In 13 years, poor Marcus is going to be under attack with the raging hormones of a girls only summer camp.
Of all the great things to list about having another girl, that is the one I chose.
I'll get sappy later, I'm sure.

Now in the fashion of my new favorite blogger: , I leave you with a question in italics:

If you stay at home full time, what do you like about it? What do you loathe?


  1. Oh we know all about raging hormones over here! We love having three girls, you will love it SOOOOO much!! :)

    1. Thanks Shannon! I might be a tad *too* excited about the prospect of matching outfits...

  2. Yay for another girl! I can't wait to find out what I'm having!

    The best part of staying at home is the freedom to follow your kid's best schedule instead of making them fit yours. I never wake mine up in the morning and all our activities can be tailored around her mood (and stuff like teething). Plus, I can stay in workout clothes all day :)