Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey 35 readers!

It's been a while since I've documented the thrill ride that is my life, so I figured you're pretty much just dying to know just what on earth I've been up to lately.

Summer is going really well. It's not nearly as hot as last summer and I'm not 8 months pregnant like last year either, so that right there makes it better. We've been staying pretty busy and the girls are being pretty fun.

This week we are staying (on and off) at the family cottage, and over the weekend, Marcus and I ran in a 5k that took place a couple miles from the cottage. I didn't train even a little for this thing, but figured since I've been doing TurboFire (a cardio-heavy dvd program) 6x a week, I would be juuuuuust fine. I mean, it's only 3.1 miles. I should be able to do that in 30 minutes easily, and I exercise for at least that long every day. Certainly since I ran cross country 13 years ago I should have no problem whatsoever with running a measly 3.1 miles. I ran a 5k in March after doing a teensy bit of training and I completed it in 31 minutes and it was like 20 degrees outside. Today was comfortably warm, not too hot, and I have lost 10 lbs since March. Obviously, I will win this 5k. or at least get some sort of award for my being so laid back about it.

Well, "comfortably warm" is like 80* at 8:00 am. I somehow convinced my husband to run with me and not stray, and he took the glory by pushing the double stroller with the kids. It's probably 35 lbs without kids, and another 50 with, so it's not exactly a breeze. However, he was having a hard time running slow enough for me.

We started off in the back (stroller rules) and had to zip around some of the slower people so we could get in a good groove. I almost started yelling swears at Marcus because he was a good 25 feet in front of me and I couldn't keep up. My heart rate monitor wouldn't stop beeping at me because I was above my target range. I figured it'd balance out once we found a good pace. Well that didn't happen. I was frickin huffing and puffing the whole time and I couldn't believe it. My body felt pretty good, other than a sore knee, but I was so out of breath, running a 9:40 mile. I was pretty disappointed in myself for not feeling stronger than I did. I had a little bit of juice left at the end so I pushed it to the finish and people were cheering "GO STROLLER GUY" and I died a little inside. Like really? Do they not see how fit he is? Do they not see the struggling mother who BORE those adorable little children? WHAT ABOUT ME, PEOPLE. I hit start on my watch as soon we crossed the line, and our "official" finish time was exactly one minute later than that. I'm going with my time since I really wanted to beat 30 minutes.

I'm glad I didn't have to walk (for more than about 5 seconds at the top of a hill), but am disappointed that I was as out of breath as I was. Sometimes denial is better than the truth.

We checked our times later in the day and this is what I found:

I left without my MEDAL!!!!

Then I look closer....

Do you see that? "5K Walk"??? Marcus registered me for the WALK? WALK.
The other thing is, no one else was registered in the walk. It's like they created a special category just for me. Oh, that poor girl. Let's let her get first place by creating a division that no one else can sign up for. That will make that poor mom's day. That poor mom. She looks like she tries hard. She just needs to be recognized. Her husband is so strong for pushing that stroller. He probably gets so much attention because he's so cute. She just needs some extra love. We'll give her first place. IN A WALK.

The interesting news is that when I scrolled up to look at the age results for the run, I would have come in 5th place (which wasn't last place, jerks) and poor, pathetic fat and slow Marcus came in SECOND TO LAST in his age group. So I will always have that nugget to cherish, even if he was running 3 minutes slower per mile just to stay with me. He's a keeper, that one.

The first and last picture we're ever get like this because I'm so over it.

Do you like organized races or do you prefer gym training/classes over running, like me? 
I'd rather do 2 hours of Insanity than run in a stupid race, but I know that won't stop me in like 3 months when I do another 5k I didn't train for.