Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Last year was the first year I've ever sent out a photo Christmas card. I decided since I love receiving them so much, maybe there are other people who'd like to get one from us, as well!

I plan on picking out a photo from our maternity shoot with Brooke. I would have loved to get a good one with our dog too, but she had stitches on her head, and I wasn't really feeling the whole hat-on-a-dog thing... So I am thinking I'll do a dual-photo card this year. I've been browsing the shutterfly website and found lots of cute cards, I just have to decide which one I like best.

Check out all these cute cards!

Oh Christmas season, I love you! This 60+ degree weather isn't doing much to get me in the festive mood though! I've been listening to a little Christmas music here and there while organizing the baby room, but it's just not doing it for me yet.

Any suggestions to help get me in the holiday spirit?? Has my pregnancy taken up all the extra warm fuzzies?

Keep an eye on your mailbox...maybe this is the year you receive a family photo card from yours truly! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Woah! Busy!!

Oh my word! I have been so busy!
Sorry for abandoning my blog.
I have had 4 showers in the last 10 days. It has been soo wonderful, and a little overwhelming. I have one more in another week, and then we'll be set to go!!
I feel so ready to meet this little girl. The nursery is almost set, I have the important gear, and enough contractions to ship her out express. I go to the dr. again tomorrow, and he says each time that "it's normal." So, I suppose it is.

I finished my sewing class! I honestly do not know if I've learned all that much. Fortunately, all of the projects I'm interested in are pretty simple. Someday I'll have to show you some of the things I've made or am working on! I just picked up my first sewing machine today! Hopefully I'll have some time soon to sit down and learn all about it. Most of my time the last couple of weeks has been cleaning out cabinets and declutterizing (that's a word, right?) to make room for baby.

This is oficially a boring post, but I felt guilty for not updating.
I'll leave you with a sample of photos that my friend Brooke took for us... :)

This one aboslutely cracks me up! This was a "bare belly" shot, and a van just pulled in, and I felt sort of awkward... :)

peace out!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 weeks, say whaa?

I cannot believe I'm in the home stretch already. Here's the update!

Baby's size? Almost 16 inches long and over 3 lbs! Still tiny, but just a tiny version of what she'll be like in a few weeks. It's not like she still has to grow arms or something.

Weight Gain? Well, this is nosy. This is the question that only skinny people ask. The ones who gained 10 lbs their entire pregnancy. Let's just say I'm well within the healthy guidelines and continue to grow... :)

Stretch marks? None that I have noticed yet. But I also try not to examine things too closely.

Belly button in or out? It depends on how funny you are. When I laugh, it pops out. It really depends on the day. But for the most part it's made it's way out. It's funny looking.

Sleep? Sleeping fairly well. If I wake up, I'm done for. There is no falling back asleep. My mind is just super active or something. So it's best if I can just stay asleep.

Foods I am loving? Uhh everything. Fortunately, I fill up much quicker than before, so I find I end up eating a little less. I'm really into cake or cupcakes...or things with frosting. Normally I'm not a sweets person, but I've found myself craving desserts. At any time of day.

Foods I am hating? I can't say I'm hating anything out of the ordinary, but I do need be choosier as heartburn has made it's debut on a regular basis.

Best moment this week? This week? I had a crappy week. I was very hormonal. I can say that the best moment(s) may not have directly been related to baby, but my husband who somehow manages to calm me down and get me through the afternoon. We also celebrated our 4 year anniversary and had a fabulous dinner out and quality time together.

Movement? Yes. She is a mini ninja. I also must admit that I called my dr. about something that I normally wouldn't call about. It's happened a few times, so I decided to call. My belly started shaking. like pow pow pow pow pow! big time wobble for like 5 seconds. No baby can move that fast. The internet provided no answers, so I called my drs office...they assured me that it's fine. (Although...what was it then?) And I kind of laughed it off.

Symptoms? Heartburn. Back pain. Leg cramps. Braxton Hicks. Swelling. Pregnancy Brain.
It's awesome. I feel like such a lady.

Gender? A girl. If she decided to change half way through though...sorry dude. You are gonna be girly.

What I miss? "I miss the old me" is what I said while sobbing to Marcus earlier this week on the phone. I miss the patience I once had. I miss the energy, muscle tone, the ability to lie down and be comfortable anywhere. I could go ahead and say that "I love everything about carrying around a miracle in my uterus". But that's annoying. So I'll just tell the truth. :)

What I'm looking forward to? I've always loved this time of year. Not so much the cold temperatures, but I always look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love our families and I love food. Combine the two with some festive music, I've got a good time waiting! But on top of all that, I have FIVE baby showers! Definitely looking forward to getting the nursery stocked up, spending time with friends, and seriously, I can't wait to meet this little girl!

Weekly Wisdom: Recognize that you're not completely psychotic and that hormones are REAL! Once you "come down" you'll have a better perspective.

Milestone: Less than 10 weeks to go. (hopefully!!)

Emotions: In general, feeling very positive. Besides the irrational behavior brought on by chick hormones, I feel like I've been doing pretty well the last couple of weeks.

I have a couple of pictures to add this week...stay tuned. :)