Sunday, May 20, 2012

Way Worse Than Playing With A Cell Phone

Today is Marcus' 30th birthday! It is absolutely gorgeous outside, the weather is perfect. We set up Charlotte's little pool and she splashed and played and chased some bubbles.
After we came back inside after about an hour of playing, I got her changed into a clean, soft diaper, and ready for a nap. It reminded me of the days of being little and how good it felt to change out of my wet bathing suit and put on some warm dry clothes. She scampered around in her fluffy cloth diaper looking cute as can be. I've been putting her exclusively in cloth (except for bedtimes and long outings) since I've been home more in the last week. She's learned to take off her diapers in the last couple of months so I rarely leave her in just a diaper without a layer or two over the top, but it was nap time and sort of hot in her room. I gave her her blankie to snuggle and another to cover her up with. She took her pacifier to drifted off into dream land.

I checked on her about 30 minutes later to make sure she was still covered and warm enough since I didn't put any clothes on her, and she looked cozy.

About 90 minutes later, she woke up from her nap hysterically crying. I figured she had pooped during her nap and she usually doesn't wake up happy if that happens. I planned on changing her, giving her the blanket and having some snuggle time. Then I had visions of a naked baby, poop smeared walls, crusty hair, and general awfulness. I quickly made it upstairs and opened the door to see her standing in her crib. Her room is so doggone dark I could  barely see her, but yep, she was nakey nakey, but not covered in dukie. She was screaming and holding on her pacifer that was caked in #2 on the outside only...and only slightly coated on the paci-side. Oh good gravy, I didn't want to smell her breath. Her diaper was off, still clean and dry, but her favorite blankie had seen better days. Marcus came up and got her in the tub, and she was crying the whole time. Poor thing. I felt terrible for not putting clothes on her. She had a belly full of what they say your cell phone is covered in.
Marcus assured me that it wasn't likely that she picked it up and actually munched it, but I still feel absolutely disgusted by it. After her bath, a change of clothes, some warm milk (makes everything better!) She is doing much better, but I'm not so sure I want her poopy kisses anytime soon.

Yes this was gross. But you should be thankful that I didn't include pictures in this post.

Happy May 20!

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  1. Oh man, kids are so fun. I would have liked pictures...just for laughs :)