Monday, May 21, 2012

Life in Chaos

In general, I love being organized. "Ha!" say those who know me, because if you've showed up to my house unannounced, you'd think being organized is the last thing I love.
However, haters, given the time and opportunity to get things clutter free and organized, it's such a good feeling.
I've really been using my time in the last week to tackle a few little projects, but until our basement is done, it's going to be next to impossible. We have a spare bedroom that when I redid it a couple of years ago, it was intended to be a craft/sewing area, ebay merchandise, photo boxes, and gift wrap closet. But when we started our basement, we had to move a bunch of junk upstairs to either get it out of the way, or make sure it didn't get dusty. So now the spare room has tons of crap in it. I want to clean it out and get it ready for bg#2 (baby girl number 2) since I have her bedding and her crib and mattress are on the way.
But I cannot clean it out since I have no place to relocate the junk. I'm a big fan of throwing things away, but we actually need all of these things.

Example 1 of why I'm going nuts: I have a massage table from my former career. I had to bring it upstairs from the basement. I had a sale pending, but it fell through. It sat (folded up, and in it's carrying case) in our great room for weeks. We don't use that room for much, but it's the first place you walk into when you come into the house. When we had guests over for my husband's party, Marcus wanted to make sure it was out of the way. So he moved it into our bedroom...where there is also no room. So now, the 30 pound beast is leaning against my dresser so I can't open any of the drawers without leaning it against the bed, or trying to move it back downstairs into the great room.

Example 2 of why I'm going nuts: I had a basket sitting out that I had packaged a Valentine's gift in. It became repurposed when random things were being placed in it. Nook charger sitting out? Put it in that basket. Half used candle - basket time. Medicine bottles that made their way downstairs? Why bring it back upstairs when you can put it in the basket to forget where the hell it is when you have a raging headache? 6 foot grocery receipts? You wanna hang on to that shizz, put it in the basket.

I know it's going to take a while to get the whole house in working order again, but the basement should be done in the next two months, I'd like to say. And then we have a new family member in the next 4 maybe I can enjoy approximately 2 months of an organized home.

hm. doubtful.

Anyone have helpful tips on staying clutter-free and organized when you don't have a place to put your crap?


  1. I'm awful with clutter, so I have no help other than I really enjoy throwing stuff away and taking bags of crap to give away. :)

    1. I am good at throwing things away, but then my husband will say "what happened to that piece of paper that was on the floor by the trash? I had some important notes on it."