Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Here are my random thoughts for Tuesday, November 29.

Me to the car in front of me : Why are you slowing down? Oh, are you turning into your driveway? Why don't you use your blinker, you idiot? Why do you wait until your garage door is all the way up before pulling into your driveway? Don't you realize I'm behind you and I have to go to the bathroom so I'd like to get home?

Today I feel like an grumpy old lady. I was shopping at a (one of my favorite) kid's clothing store today. The teen sales associate asks if there's anything she can help me with. When I asked her a question, she answered with "Ugh. my brain is fried! FINALS!!!" <silence and a crinkled brow by yours truly>  Maybe it's because I work in customer service or maybe it's because I'm a grumpy old lady, but seriously, chick? Your job is to help, especially since you asked me if you could help. Your job is not to tell me that you cannot actually help me because you have been facebook chatting about why Team Edward would dominate Team Jacob on the streets of Detroit and looking at when you should be studying for finals, you dingbat.

There is a sickness going around, and it's miserable. I'm doing better, but my husband isn't feeling so well. But regardless of that, he's meeting some clients for dinner, doing some Christmas shopping, and playing a soccer game, just to wake up for a 7am meeting tomorrow. Dude, take care of yourself!

Have I shared my glitter obsession with you this year? I have ALWAYS loved all things sparkly, but this year it is out in FULL FORCE, yo! And the worst part is, I have no holiday parties to attend! What the what!? How can one wear sequins to an office and not look like they've gone insane? I know Glamour would have all kinds of suggestions on how to wear them during the day, but Glamour doesn't work at a medical supply company.

My dog is currently acting a fool. She got spooked by the couch and is now laying on top of me. The couch did nothing to her, exept allowing her years of comfort.

Charlotte is almost 1. oh. m. g.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the total creeper Santa we met today! He was crabby, his beard was yellow, and he was anything but jolly. His beard was yellow.

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