Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm bad at Christmas

I love getting people gifts. I love the idea of finding something that I feel like they would really like and surprising them. I like wrapping it up all nice with a matching ribbon and putting it under the Christmas tree.
I do not like waiting until Christmas to give them. Not one bit. Every year I've given Marcus an early gift because I simply cannot wait.
Today, during Charlotte's nap time, I was wrapping up some gifts. But by the time she woke up, I wasn't quite finished. I had one gift left to wrap.
It was hers.
So I let her play with it while it was still in the box.
But she liked it so much, I took it out of the box.
And she played with it for nearly 30 minutes.

She loved it. And yes, she's almost always pantsless by 4pm.

 I reluctantly repackaged it so I can wrap it up and put it under the tree and save it until Christmas...but I just couldn't resist a little teaser.

I hope she's still surprised... :)

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