Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Laundry Commercials

For as long as I can remember, commercials for laundry detergent featured frustrated moms whose life's purpose was to make their family's clothing bright, crisp, and clean. She would lose sleep over her son's stained orange cummerbund, or blow her wispy bangs up with exasperation over her husbands "ring around the collar." What will she ever do?!

Even in the past few years, they deliver pertty similar messages. How will she get those stains out?!
My husband and I tend to do our laundry separately, just because it's always been that way. But if there's ever a question about stain removal, it usually ends up being my job. It's sort of weird how these roles are assumed. But it wasn't until after Charlotte arrived that I actually became that frustrated mom wanting to keep those little baby clothes from looking all faded and stained. Seriously? I never thought it would happen.

But that's not really the point! The point is that there is finally a commercial starring a "stay at home dad" by Tide. High five for P&G for changing up the gender roles for a minute. It's a cute commercial, really.

I love how he holds up a little girl dress and calls it a "thing". And in true man-form, references "problem solving" because that's how men approach everything.

That's all for my random thoughts of the day.

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