Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dressing a Little Girl

On my days home with Charlotte, I've started to notice a fascinating phenomenon.
When I get her dressed in the morning, it's usually sort of fun. We have a few combos to choose from!
Do you want to wear your owl leggings with your ruffle shirt, or with your striped sweater? Or do you want to wear your owl t shirt with your striped leggings? Let's put a denim skirt over your leggings. And a vest.
Oh look! Matching socks...and this headband matches too!
10:30am: Hey, where did that headband go?
11:45: Let's take that skirt off. You don't need it and you can barely crawl when you're wearing it.
12:30: You're all sweaty! No need for this hooded vest, besides I can barely fit you in the carseat with all that extra bulk.
After her afternoon nap: Where did your other sock go? Here it is. Why is it all wet? And why do you have lint in your mouth?
So at this point, she's down to leggings, shirt and one dry sock.
3:30: Let's change your diaper! Oh boy. We're going to have to put these pants in the laundry.
By 5:30 when Marcus gets home from work, we're lucky if she has a shirt on. Seriously.

I'm nowhere close to learning a lesson here. Because I will be dressing her in layers tomorrow too. If we didn't, who knows what she'd be wearing by the end of the day.

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