Saturday, June 30, 2012

I think I'm possessed.

This evening, I am having intense back pain. We had a busy day (or busy 4 days) and I've learned that after a particularly busy day, I experience crazy back pain. It's like the lowest part of my tail bone. I can barely stand, can't bend my knees, cannot take a step forward, can't really do anything unless I'm in a loungy position.
Marcus evidently was getting sick of my antics and song and dance when it came down to getting into a standing position. He was trying to tell me how to do it and what I was doing wrong, but clearly he is not an expert in fetus carrying related back pain.
I was trying to stand up to get myself a bowl of cereal. But the drama was too much for him, so he got up and fetched me a bowl. I was so thankful. When I went to sit, my back gave out and I sort of collapsed (in super graceful form) onto the couch. And he yelled at me. Said I looked like I just got hit with a hand grenade. I can't even type that without laughing out loud. I started laughing as he said it, but because my back hurt so bad, it turned into tears. I was confused by this reaction. I was taking too long to get to my cereal in my husband's opinion. He was telling me it was going to get soggy! I started to get upset! Tears and laughter were getting stuck in my throat. As I scooped a spoonful of Kellogg's Krave bomb ass cereal into my pie hole, it occurred to me that it was a "big" spoon. Not a regular size spoon that I prefer. I was trying to keep it together, but I sort of snorted and all the cereal milk came spurting out of my mouth as I started sobbing. Sobbing. Because the spoon was too big. I wanted to laugh because I knew I was being ridiculous. But then more than that, I wanted to cry because I simply couldn't hold it together. So here I sit. I have mascara smudged all over my cheeks. Marcus wants nothing to do with me or my demons.
It's all a blur at this point. I think the episode lasted at least 5 minutes. And when you think about that, that's a long time of simply not having any grasp on your emotions.

But every time I think of that hand grenade reference, I start half laugh/half crying again. I better go to bed.

Have you ever had any completely inexplicable pregnancy meltdowns?

Can you top mine?


  1. I wasn't pregnant, but like 5 days after I had Faith, I was stuck in the hospital with her because she needed bili light treatment (and my husband got to sleep at home) and when the hospital sent up my breakfast tray, the eggs weren't there. The breakfast was the same everyday and there should have been eggs! I called my husband at 7am at woke him up sobbing that they didn't give me eggs (and it was my birthday to boot).

    We still laugh about the egg thing, especially since I don't really like eggs haha.

    1. You really should have your next baby at the hospital here in Grand Rapids. Moms get a special menu and it's tasty! I'm slightly concerned that I could be in the hospital over my 30th birthday. I will definitely cry if that's the case.