Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moments in Motherhood

The following are just a few of the awesome mom-related activities that have taken place this week. If you're not a fan of bodily function stories, feel free to leave, losers.

On Monday, I was getting Charlotte ready for a fun filled time outside in her baby pool. Before I changed her, I took a little peek in the side of her diaper to make sure it wasn't loaded so I could just change her in the living room. In the case of a dirty diaper, I need to have reinforcements and a systems of levers and pulleys to ensure she doesn't run off. All was clear as I peeked in her diaper, so I proceeded with the great clothing change. Charlotte of course ran off as soon as she was nakey, and it was then that I realized that yes, her diaper was clean, but she pooped nevertheless. I had to chase her and her stuck on silly puddy before we had a mess. This was the perfect opportunity to sit her on the potty and get her cleaned up and maybe give her a lesson in potty training.

Tuesday: Diaper change time again!! This time from bathing suit into dry clothes. I, of course, thought I had a diaper handy, but I didn't. I quickly ran upstairs while Charlotte waited diaperless. I thought to myself, "If I were smart, I'd put her on the potty just to be safe." (We aren't really potty training, I'm just getting her used to the idea) I was upstairs for literally 10 seconds, and when I came down her legs were all wet. Good grief sister. I crawled around patting the carpet looking for the wet spot. I finally discovered it right outside the bathroom!! Maybe if I would leave the door open, she would have helped herself to the potty.

Brings me to today. This one is not potty related. I took Charlotte to my in-laws pool. We were chillin on the top step after Charlotte walked around collecting little acorn tops. She was insisting on cramming them into my mouth. I pursed my lips and shook my head no and told her "this is not food!" She continued to play and occasionally would try sticking an acorn lid in my mouth. She finally succeeded and I spit it out with the quickness and she had an absolute meltdown. Complete toddler-style meltdown. I was worried the neighbors were going to think something terrible happened. I quickly put her under the water to get her to be quiet. Just kidding. I didn't do that. I was just checking to see if you were still paying attention since this one wasn't about pee or poop. I distracted her and she stopped crying. Story award goes to me.

This are just the little things that can take place in the life of a parent. I'm sure generations before me had similar stories but they didn't have a blog to share them so that makes my stories better.


  1. Geez, good moms just eat the acorn pieces. Way to suck.

  2. Adore the face she is making! As soon as I let B walk around without a diaper she lets her bladder go. So fortunate it wasn't the carpet ;)