Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Have Very Little To Talk About

Life has been pretty dull around these parts, and that's not so bad.
The weather this summer has been mostly awesome and before I quit my job, I figured I'd be out enjoying every moment of the summer sun, but there's only so much I can take. I've relaxed a little around my in-law's pool, so we've spent some time there splashing and having fun.
Just let me go under already!!
One day I brought her there and she only wanted to play in the water for about 15 minutes. Then she wanted to crawl up and down the stairs and play inside. Well, no one was home at my in-law's, and it just didn't feel right hanging out inside on such a nice day. So I put her down for a nap. The logical thing to do...?

I thought she'd be tired, but after an hour she was shouting, and I was roasting in the beastly hot sun and was hoping that she'd wake up. So our day at the pool was actually 15 minutes of fun, 15 minutes of whining, and 60 minutes of me feeling like a pig roast and 60 minutes of Charlotte shouting. Sounds fun.

We also recently went to a Whitecaps game (our minor league baseball team for those who don't know) for Marcus' work picnic. We didn't watch a lick of baseball because we knew Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba was there and we needed to find him. Charlotte loves mascots, I think they're creepy as hell. We discovered that we might be the family that puts our kid on a leash. Once her feet hit the pavement, she is gone. How does someone with 15" legs move faster than every person at the ballpark? And she's tricky because it's like she's training for a distance run by doing fartleks. Right when we catch up to her, she slows down so we look like idiots trying to grab her. She keeps her little arms tight to her sides and won't let us grab her. She ran the entire concourse of the ballpark. On top of that, we were about 10 feet away from Brobee, when he decided he needed a break.
I guess he *may* have been getting warm, it was like 85 degrees that day.
So never got to meet him.

So we settled for Frankie. You know...the pig that wears a floatie ring? Because that just shouts "West Michigan Whitecaps!"
You smell like bacon. And I LOVE bacon. 

We're headed back to the ballpark again tonight, so not only do we get another opportunity to hang out with teens dressed in cuckoo costumes, but it's 10 cent hot dog night! Nothing says quality like 10 cent "meat"!


  1. That maternity dress is adorable, where did you get it?

    I'm lucky that Faith is too clingy to run away. She's always concerned about where I am. :)

  2. My dress is from Old Navy. I feel like it's a little too long, but that's how most maternity styles run.