Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Sleep A Lot

Some people associate sleeping with laziness. I, however, associate it with awesomeness.
You may think I'm wasting precious getting stuff done hours by napping, but what I'm really doing is becoming so much smarter than you.
Ok. I'll try to keep the snark to a minimum, but really, I do require a lot of sleep. Most people say 8 hours is plenty, others only need 6. I need 9 hours of sleep. I can sometimes sleep 10, but that's only if Charlotte lets me sleep in until 8 and if I made it to bed by 10 pm. I frequently nap during the day. Not frequently in one day, but many times throughout the week. Yeah, I'm pregnant, but I think I would try to sneak in a cat nap even if I weren't.
Here's the issue. Pregnancy, though it makes me sleepy, doesn't allow me to sleep at night. I've had this nagging anxiety the past few months which causes my mind to race, especially at night. Add a crazy post-surgery hound to the mix, I won't sleep at all.
Last night for some reason, we had a smoke detector beep sporadically 3 times. Just one loud beep! over the course of an hour. It didn't really bother me, but for some reason, Darby went apeshit. Dude, it's just a beep. She wanted to hide in the bathroom, so when we put her in the bathroom, she'd want to come in our room. If she's in our room, she can be trusted, but if she's on her own, she'll lick her stitches. So then we'd have to put her cone around her head.
This monkey business continued from 11-1. The last I looked at the clock, it was 1:30 and I was ticked!
The thing is, this is how Darby will be ALL day, and then at night, she's up and at 'em.

I ended up giving her a valium and we slept until 6:30. 

This turned into being about the dog, when really it was supposed to be about my sleep habits. Since both are so extremely interesting it doesn't matter which direction it goes in because I know you're enthralled. 

I may as well throw a little Charlotte in here, too! 
She's not saying a ton of words specifically, but I sort of know what she's saying. She was good at using words for a little while, but now she's resorted to using "d" as her main consonant of choice. 
Me: Say please!
C: Daaaaah!
Me: Ok, now say thank you!
C: Dinkoo!

Me: Where's your blankie?
C: Deedeeee

What cat's say= Meow
No= No, but with fury.
Drinking her meowl

I went on a little shopping trip this week and when I think about what I purchased for the girls, I realize it was almost exclusively pajamas and this:
She better oblige! 
Sorry this kind of went all over the place. You can tell I'm tired.
How much sleep do you require? Am I abnormal when it comes to demanding so much sleep?

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  1. That is one adorable sleeping hound dog. Peanut sleeps in her crate at night and that cuts down (but doesn't eliminate) her ability to annoy me at night.