Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Ol' Shopping Dilemma

Um, if you remember ---> this post <---, you'll recall how sometimes shopping outside of the home is just not worth it.

With our upcoming vacation, I've been wanting to get a few new things. I could really use some new shoes.
I need good shoes for traveling, and unfortunately the ones I just got don't fit the bill.

oh, hey Cinque Terre, let's go for a walk.
I also wouldn't mind having just a couple of new shirts and maybe a dress. I dunno. I always get all shoppy when I have a vacation coming up. Whatever.

So here's where I'm conflicted: do I go *out* shopping? I can try everything on, see it in person, maybe get better sale prices than they have online..and hurry around to get it done in 2 hours because that's the window of opportunity my tricky daughter gives me...
OR, do I shop online while she sleeps and get more important business done during the day?
The risk I have with this option is: not realizing that I will have numb toes for 2 days after wearing the above shoes to a certain 10 year high school reunion.

My next question: how pathetic is it that my biggest conundrum in life as a parent is "to shop at the mall or shop online??"


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