Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today was kind of an interesting day. Work was normal (well, if listening to a person talk on the phone 15 minutes straight, two of those minutes being only about the color pink is normal...) But it was after work that got pretty nuts.
After work, I drove to my mom's house to pick up Charlotte (who got her first tooth yesterday, and her second one any day now!) and chatted for a moment. I left by 5:40, and made it home at 6. It's usually quite a whirlwind after work between getting Charlotte home, fed, bathed, bottled (you know what I mean), and put to bed. It was going to be slightly busier today as I had a couple coming over at 7 to check out some furniture I have listed on Craigslist.
When I walked in the door I was greeted with a bitter, shit awful smell. It smelled as if Darby the dog must have had an accident...all over the house. The thing is, she's kept in her crate while we're at work. I got Charlotte out of her carseat and headed upstairs to let Darby out and the smell was getting unbearable.
I knew I was going to have quite the mess to clean up and didn't know when I was going to do it before our visitors showed up to buy check out our furniture.
Oh my word, I was right.
(If you're not interested in hearing about canine gastrointestinal adventures, you may want to stop here. If you're into it, enjoy!)
I put Charlotte down and gave her a graham cracker in hopes that it would keep her busy for a while.
Darby obviously got very ill during the day and absolutely couldn't hold it any longer. She went outside immediately and pooped non stop for over a minute. Then I noticed she was bleeding. Then she started throwing up. Then I thought she wasn't going to survive. Oh, my heart. I kept it all together and managed to get some things cleaned up while Sweet Charlotte chomped on her cracker. Marcus was on his way home and he told me I should call the vet.
With Darby's health history, I was very concerned that this could be something very serious. I was able to set up an appointment for about an hour later.
Between doing our crazy Charlotte routine, cleaning up for visitors, letting Darby in and out of the house to go to the ladies and was NUTS!
By some small miracle, I had fed Charlotte her pumpkin and bananas (yum!) gotten her bathed, and started her bottle when the people arrived to look at our stuff. Marcus had been home for about 10 minutes and was able to help me out.
The helpful news is that the couple is buying our furniture! Hooray! The not so helpful news is that I knew I'd be spending it on the vet visit.
We had a friend that was kind enough to come over and stay at our place with our sleeping baby while we went to the vet with Darby. She seemed to be perking up a bit, but we were still nervous.
After a delightful exam, it was determined that it was likely she just had a bug of sorts. I asked about the chances of her "outburst" being related to the mast cell tumors, and she said it was unlikely. Part of me is still not convinced, but hopefully we see her get back to her old self in a few days.
Clean up duty has just ended, Darby is resting, Charlotte is peacefully sleeping, and I'm having a little wine.

Darby got herself so worked up, she scraped her nose up in her crate
 I'm crossing my fingers for a good weekend up north with no incidents from the dog or baby! :)

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