Friday, September 9, 2011

The Ol' Pharmacy Switcheroo

Over Labor Day weekend, we headed up north to one of our favorite places : "the condo" in Suttons Bay. My in-laws have a place up there and we're fortunate enough that they love to share it with us.
After the whole doggie debacle that I mentioned here, we were happy to have Darby pretty much back to her old self for our weekend away.
Even though the weather was mostly crappy, we had a great time. On Saturday, my MIL, SIL and I spent much of the day together doing a little shopping, movie watching, and LOTS of wine tasting. oy!
We found out that there was going to be a fireworks show that evening and decided that it might be a good idea to get a sedative for our dog since she's been easily worked up in the last few months. I called our vet and requested that she call in an order to the local pharmacy and she said it would be no problem. So while we were out and about I stopped at the pharmacy to pick it up.
I walked in with my sister in law and told them that I had an order called in, and they asked my name. Here is how it all went down:
We walk in and there's a small line, so we're shopping around. I had to get some baby wipes and we were talking about childbirth. ya know, girl talk. It's now my turn in line.
Me: Hi! I have a prescription that was called in this morning.
Pharmacist: Okay, what is your name?
Me: Emily
P: Okay, great. Do you have insurance that you'd like us to bill?
Me: Um...? Well, it's for my....(about to say DOG)
P: Well we can see if it's covered for you! It should be!
Me: Uhh....okay??
At this point, I'm whispering to Megan about how it's for my dog...what do I do? Maybe it's under my name and I could get it covered by insurance? Is this insurance fraud? OMG what is going on?
So she runs my card after I handed it to her with trepidation. And now she's laughing. Oh crap! My face is turning red because I knew I should have just told her it was for my dog. But I can see that the pharmacist is equally embarrassed.
P: Oh my! I got very mixed up here. This is for your DOG, isn't it?!
Me: Yes! I was sort of confused when you asked for my insurance card but I thought I'd try (and I'm rambling and going on and on like an idiot)

She then explained that she got my prescription and another woman's mixed up. Perhaps she figured because I wasn't a Rhodesian Ridgeback trotting into the pharmacy, I wouldn't need the sedative that was ordered.
But the real reason she got them mixed up is because the other order was for nipple cream. Yes, she assumed it was I who needed nipple cream. She was getting more embarrassed as she told the story because she had no idea why she assumed it was for me, but I must have looked like I needed it??

Moral of the story: Next time you think it's a good idea bill your dog's medicine to your own health insurance, just remember that you'll end up needing nipple cream.
Wait, I guess there is no moral to this story.

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