Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Blogoversary!

Yesterday was my one year blogoversary!!
I've been oversharing for over 365 days!
To celebrate, I am sharing photos of the last year highlighting some events of each month.

With the help of my niece and nephews, we shared the news of our sweet baby girl joining the family!
They each unwrapped a gift bag and pulled out the cards. So fun!

In September, we babymooned in Miami! It was an amazing trip, I was totally spoiled. WTF am I doing, you ask? I had a lot of discomfort due to the kiddo (who was like a pound and a half, mind you) putting pressure down under. I convinced myself this would help.

One of the few photos I have from October. About 29 weeks pregnant.

My sweet friends threw a baby shower for me in November! It was beautiful and so much fun!

I was surprised with this beauty on Christmas morning! Just living the minivan dream....

WELCOME CHARLOTTE JANE! January 4, 2011. Pretty Big Deal.

Oh Darbs. I wouldn't exactly call this a highlight of February, but I just had to feature the hound for once. :)
And yes, that's a boppy wrapped around her. She did this to herself, I had nothing to do with it.

Wine tasting in March. Our first little getaway with the kid was a success!

Ready for vacation! We traveled to Florida and Charlotte took her first airplane ride. She made lots of friends. What I really mean, is she made no friends because her diaper failed and she stunk up the plane and was crying.

In May, we went to see NKOTBSB and my face hurt from smiling so much. It was my first *fun* night in a  l o n g time!

Our first time leaving Charlotte over night! As you can see, I was very tormented by this and had a miserable time.

Enjoying the beautiful weather we had for the entire month of July. Charlotte loves spending time outside.

It sure is nice having a dog around when she starts feeding herself! She stinkin loves graham crackers.
One year ago, little girl, we found out that that's exactly what you were!

Thank you blogosphere, for letting me share the exciting, the mundane, and the just plan weird happenings of my life. I appreciate you, my readers, for your comments and ideas and advice that's been shared. Your words of encouragement are invaluable.
Here's to another year of oversharing!!

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  1. For reals, you are so adorable it hurts me! A 1 year blogiversary feels like a lifetime, no? Personally, I adore your "oversharing" Mama, keep up the great work! Blog on with your gorgeous self!