Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Big High Five For The SAHM

I took most of last week off from work. I was really looking forward to living a normal daily life with Charlotte, enjoying some beautiful weather at the family cottage, and not having to rush off to work and leave my sweet little angel baby.
O.M.GOOOOOODNESS. What an s-ton of work it ended up being.
I should at least mention that it wasn't exactly "normal daily life" since we were staying overnight in a new place most of the week.
I should also mention that Charlotte was fighting off her first cold?/allergies?/teething?/big time snotty nose.
So with that being said, I was completely exhausted and I was fighting off the guilt I had for wanting to go back to work on Monday.
When Charlotte had her 6 month drs. appointment a few weeks ago, I mentioned that she was a big time grunter. Her ped suggested that she's probably just very bored since she's not mobile yet and she's also frustrated by this. I do not necessarily want a crawler, but good gravy, this kid sounds like a wildebeest.

So basically, she makes this sound all. day. long. She does it when she's happy, she does it when she's ticked.
Once and a while she'll make her sweet little girl cooing sounds, but in general, she grunts.
Not only is she loud, but she's not as content to play alone. This makes getting anything done very difficult. She does enjoy a drive in the car, a ride in her stroller, and sitting up in the shopping cart at Target. That isn't helpful when I have 5 loads of laundry and floors to clean. Oh, and on top of that? She decided that she's not going to nap more than 45 minutes. 
I do think that SAHMs are sometimes thought to have it "easy". I mean, how busy can you actually be? Kheee heeee. But hear this, haters: it is tough ass work!
I'm not saying that any postion is more difficult than the other, because they all come with their own challenges. I've had my moments where I feel that I would be the best stay at home mom OF ALL TIME, but then? one week with my own child and I couldn't even handle it!! What is wrong with me?

Anyway, all I am really trying to get at is that you moms rock!! I hope you have someone who tells you that on a regular basis, and if you don't, pretend that Charlotte's grunts mean "You're the best!!"

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  1. AMEN!!

    You are right on. I am a WAHM/SAHM/WOHM (did you catch that?)... a little bit of everything. Working 1 day in the office and the rest from home. And you are right. It is HARD. Out of all of my "jobs", being a mommy is BY FAR the hardest.

    *High Fives Ya Back*