Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's Black and White and 6 Feel Tall?

That? is a receipt for our most recent grocery store visit.
It's nearly 6 feet long.
I should also mention that this was a combined visit between our home and our bro & sister in law.

Marcus and his brother went shopping together (this just cracks me up), and it was about 10:30 pm by the time Marcus got back home. I was already in bed sleeping, and he comes bounding into our bedroom like a big goofy 4th grader and wakes me up to show me how long the receipt is.

I yelled at him.
"Don't ever wake me up to show me a piece of paper."

But the next morning I reckon I found it quite entertaining.

Marcus loves coupons. He used to be into couponing...before there were television shows about it. We'd get groceries together, and he'd be running all over the store picking up a package of 4 t shirts (that he had a coupon for) because with the purchase of those t shirts, he'd get a free carton of eggs. And if he bought 15 boxes of cereal (using said coupons) he'd get 2 packages of batteries. I mean, obviously. He's not quite as into it these days, because there are only so many febreze candles one house needs.

we saved more than we spent!
I pixelated the swears on the receipt. Why do they do that?

Marcus also called me twice from the store SO TICKED that they didn't have some of the specific items he went to purchase. So, if any of might know who you are...can put in a word to purchasing...if that's possible....and tell them to buy more of EVERYTHING, we'd appreciate it. :)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. buy shit you don't need to "save money" on stuff you also don't really need? OK, this couponing thing sounds awesome.