Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eat Until I'm Skinny

Hey Everyone!

Two things:

1) I was super excited to see that I got a little shout out by Mommyfriend who just joined Weight Watchers! I was pleased to see how well it really works that I had to give her a few ideas.

2) Weight Watchers really does work! I know a handful of people who are also following the program these days and it's proven to be successful for all of them.
My weightloss had reeaaalllly slowed/plateaued the last several weeks. I kind of was on autopilot and wasn't tracking my food, but was still eating well. That is actually a really good sign because then once I reach my goal, I feel like I won't gain everything back. However, I haven't reached my goal yet. And when you only have 5-10 lbs to go, those are hard pounds to lose!
I know there are people who think that eating healthy is super boring and bland and everything tastes like cardboard. But let me tell you, that is NOT the case at all. Honestly, the food I've made the last 14 weeks has been more delicious than most of the things I was preparing before. I try to avoid a lot of processed foods, so everything tastes fresh. I should also mention that frozen "diet" dinners are NOT health food! They're fine if you're in a bind, or every once in a while, but if you think that's all you can eat because you're watching your weight, you would be wrong. :) So feel free to check out my Eat Until I'm Skinny Pinterest board to check out some of the things I've tried. Some of them sound crazy and weird. They are crazy and weird and delicious! That's the best part about being on Weight Watchers. I've tried so many more new foods and recipes and it turns out I like a lot of them.
I know I brought up starting a food & recipe blog and technically, I have started it. It's just embarrassing because it's not cute and I am NOT a food photographer. I've taken pictures of my cooking, but I usually forget to take a photo or 6 along the way and people don't make recipes that don't have pictures. It's a fact based on my years of research. So yeah. Maybe some day I'll publish it, we'll see. But for now, I'll just pin everyone else's recipes and cook my way through their blogs.

Oh and 3). I know I said there were two things, but there's three. Poor little Charlotte woke up a little earlier than normal this morning, and I was getting ready for church. She was just chatting happily, so I waited just a little bit before going in to get her. (Like 3 minutes - nothing big) The poor little nugget had puked ALL over the place. I have no idea when it happened, but Marcus said he was up at midnight and checked on her, and she was fine then. But boy oh boy. That's not how I envisioned our Sunday morning. Such a mess. And she has a rash all over her torso but no fever. I stocked up on bland food and some rice milk instead of dairy (she loves the stuff), and I bought the clear store brand pedialyte. Why in the world would they make that stuff bright red, orange and purple?! It's specifically designed for a dehydrated vomiting child. Hello stains! So I bought clear. I tasted it and almost puked. There's no way she'll drink that garbage. Hopefully she's done throwing up anyway...but yuck dude. Her cute bedding is completely stained from yesterday's food. I have a matching back up sheet, but it's on the blanket and bumper. I suppose that's what happens...
So hopefully she's on the mend, but I can tell that she doesn't feel great. Wish us luck! health!

Have a happy Sunday!

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