Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WOH, mom!

Well, it's official. I'm now a WOH mom. Unfortunately, it's not some endearing term for being a hot mom, or even a term that teenage boys use to refer to their friend's mom. (I suppose that's ok.) I'm a Work Outside of Home Mom.
This new title was given to me on Monday, and so far, it's not awful. I got dressed (like, in an outfit with layers) and I even accessorized a little! My mom came to my home to watch Charlotte, and I begged her to stay until my lunch so I could run home and feed her (probably more comforting to me than to her). The plan is for my mom to pick her up from my house, and then take her to her house for the day. Well, apparently C refused to take a bottle. She's taken one before without any problem, she just turned into a milk diva suddenly and a bottle wasn't going to be good enough. That makes going back to work very difficult, knowing that my baby is spazzing out and starving herself. (That might be a dramatic description.)
We'll work on it. She wouldn't take a bottle yesterday from my mother in law either. She had no problem drinking from one given by me and by my husband, and she even took one (with hesitation) from my friend Katie while I was present and talking to her.
I might have the grandmas wear a scarf of mine or something so she can smell me, or show her a picture...hahha, I have NO idea if that would work. But I'm willing to try just about anything, because mama's gotta work (right?)
I will add that Charlotte is SO into me when I get home though. She's so so sweet and snuggly. I grow to love her so much more every day.
So today is my day off...I'm getting my hair done! I am SO excited to try something new, and hopefully it turns out. I'm getting on the Ombre train and I shall have super model hair by noon today.
I also am trying out a new sunless tan and I'll give you the report soon! We're going out for a nice dinner this evening with the family and I'm really looking forward to this little makeover before hand. :) I hope whatever I get done today will distract from the awful stye I have on my eyelid. Ack! Have you ever had one? It's miserable! You can barely see this little boil thing, but it caused my bottom lid to get puffy (just what I need!) and red and it's super painful. Gotta get rid of that asap.
Alright, on with the day!
Have a great week, friends!
a photo of Charlotte in her new hat. It might have to wait a year.


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