Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adventures in Emily World!

I had a different blogspot.address chosen when I first started my blog. The one I wanted was already taken.
I won't mention what it was going to be, as I don't want to out the author.
But for reals, yall? That poor, poor woman and her sad blog. It's a woman with cats, and she loves to take photos of them. And it also documents the discovery that her live-in partner was leading a double life and had a spouse and a child.
Seriously, woman. Give me my blog name and I promise it will be more upbeat. I will help you choose another one.
Such as, or
But ya know, she has more followers than I do. So obviously there is some sort of draw. Maybe my baby-rearing chronicles don't interest as many people as the recounting of a crumbling life held together by the love of felines.
So with that, readers, I leave you with a photo of a dog. An awesome one. :)

Here's Darby when we had to cover her stitches up.

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