Friday, March 29, 2013

Lottie Dottie, She Likes to Potty

This summer, when Charlotte was 18-19 months, she expressed interest in trying out the potty. I felt like maybe it was a little early, but since she was interested, we gave it a go. She went a few times, had a couple small accidents, but I didn't push for it at all.

I was enormously pregnant with Lena at the time and everyone thought that two kids in diapers would be so much work, but actually, it's probably a lot easier than having to rush off with one to the can at a moments notice.

Over the past several months, Charlotte has completely ignored her little potty chair, and I haven't bothered. We had a couple of trips planned and honestly, it was easier for me if she stayed in diapers. Gross, I know.
But lately, she's been wanting to try again, and I'm thinking this is our window. I can't give up now. 
I read the 3 day potty training bootcamp a few months ago and we sort of follow it, but I can't commit to saying no diapers ever again. We will work on naps and night time once she seems to have day times figured out. Over the course of three days, there has only been one accident, and I am so proud of her.
During this time, there is a ridiculous amount of bribing, tv, kid's songs, dancing, and phone calls to dad to tell him the big news. 

I really have no idea how long this whole thing is supposed to take, but I think we're in it to win it now. I've noticed she's been a little more emotional over all. Who knew that diapers provided a sense of security? She definitely gets nervous before going, so I mostly just stay chill and say "you can do it." while blogging or something. 

In other non-bodily function news, Charlotte has been referring to herself as Lottie and I love it. I always loved it as a nickname since I saw the movie A Little Princess and her character was so cute. While we were in Florida, we half jokingly started calling her that, and it's starting to stick. 
She's at a really fun age right now, and her speech is improving a ton so it's funny to hear some of the things she comes up with. She sometimes protests when I pick out a certain outfit and then when I let her choose something, it ends up looking something like this:

And it horrifies me. Other times, she prefers to wear an oversized Elmo shirt or the shirt we got on vacation that has a fat ol' manatee on it. Fortunately most of the time she doesn't put up a fight at all and getting dressed is not a battle yet. Hair combing is, and when she wakes up, her hair is a huge tangled, matted mess.

It's next to impossible to comb through this without water and detangler, which leaves her hair really flat and gross looking. Suggestions are appreciated. It takes several minutes to brush through it.

Do you remember picking out your own clothes?
I remember being in 2nd grade and sneaking my sister's black and white striped leggings to school with one of her  plaid sweaters and changing once I got there. She was 5 years older than me and so cool, but would never let me borrow her clothes, so I snuck 'em! (Are you just finding this out now, Steph?)


  1. Maybe you can put it in braids before she goes to sleep? Then she'll have a sweet crimp look going on.

  2. Mine gets matted hair so I've been using conditioner at bath time. Seems to be better in the morning. I think "Lottie" is so cute.