Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Attempts at Getting Fit

After seeing pictures from our family vacation, I realized it was high time I lose those last few(ish) pounds of baby weight. Going to the gym and running 2 slow miles a few times a week just wasn't cutting it.
So I talked with a few friends that I used to work out with back before I had kids and now am back in the game.

and omg.
I'm sore.

I don't know if this group class has a name for what we're doing, but it's basically intervals of evil.
And while I'm quite out of shape, I remembered how to do a few of the moves and I didn't die.

I did almost do this a couple times though.

Today, however, was my second time and I almost cried. Not because of pain or being a big wuss, but because I kept telling myself that if I can have a baby, I can do these reverse curls. But the problem is, I can't because I had a baby. I had NO idea that my abs were completely gone. And the cycle continues.

Today the trainer asked me If I've used an ab roller before and as I picked it up so I could be all "uh yeah. fer sher" the whole thing fell apart and rolled across the floor. And then when I actually went to use the stupid thing, I thought I must have been doing it wrong because it had never been that hard for me in my entire life.
And she actually said "it's okay. you just had a baby." 1) I would never expect a hard ass type trainer to ever have sympathy for someone who had a baby. I mean, people have babies all the time and need to get back into shape. 2) when does the just run out?

I think the first 3 months everyone says "oh don't worry, you just had a baby!" but anytime after that, no one cares anymore. You're just fat after that. and tired.
I think my just ran out, but if that trainer wants to give me a teensy break on reverse curls, I'll let her.

I'd probably learn to work out if someone put peanut butter or cheese by the weight machines too.

I'm signed up for the rest of the month and my plan is to continue. It's tough because the times are less than ideal and need to arrange for childcare each time, but it's worth it to me. I need the accountability because otherwise I work out for 5 minutes and say "well, that had to do something." 

what's the most sore you've been from a workout?
Once I pulled my groin bear crawling while pushing a weight across the floor and people thought I was in a serious car accident the next few days.


  1. You pulled your groin bear? Is that next to your crotch monkey?