Sunday, March 24, 2013


This might sound weird.

Earlier this week after I climbed into bed, I felt like something was off. I laid there doing my mental checks: doors locked, lights off, Darby's downstairs (for now), kids are sleeping (for now). It was funny that I was able to figure it out, but what it was is that I've had no sense of smell for days. This cold has stayed for the long haul right in my face.
 I felt off because there's actually a lot your nose can tell you. Are my scentsy warmers still on? Does the baby need a clean diaper?
Do I personally smell like I could use a shower?

What I realized is that I miss the smell of Lena. Sure, it's likely that she smells like spit up and poop, but I guess I'll never know. While it certainly isn't that big of a deal that I haven't been able to smell (or taste!!) in 7 days, it's actually really starting to take it's toll. Dramatic? Probably. But it's not like you expected anything different from me. I love to snuggle that little baby and it's just not right that I can't enjoy that nice stinky baby smell.
Last night Lena was up a BUNCH (her routine was off, and she went to bed about an hour later than normal) and then with her lingering cough causing her to occasionally barf, I got up each time to check on her. She'd take her pacifier and go to sleep for another hour. But she was up every 90 minutes between 12-6. At 6, I fed her and changed her diaper, and she was totally sleeping in her own dukie for probably most of the night. If I could have smelled it, I would have changed her, say...6 hours before that.
As much as I don't want to smell that, It'd sure my my job a lot easier.

This whole loss of taste in addition to smell is pretty crappy too. I mean, what is food WITHOUT TASTE?!
Sustenance? Bah. I eat food 'cuz it's good, y'all. I've been trying to use it as an excuse to eat healthier because it's not like I can even tell what I'm eating, but I thought maybe there were secret healing properties in pizza and breadsticks. And since I couldn't taste after my first serving, I thought, maybe I just need LOTS more and then I'll be able to taste. It didn't work. Alcohol is also not holding the key to my health.

7 days without taste. I've added hot sauce, taken apple cider vinegar (made me barf. still couldn't taste), drank hot tea with lemon and honey, taken a bite of a lime. It doesn't matter. I have dead taste buds.

If you know what I can do to get my taste and smell back, please help. I'm afraid I've been ruined.
(bonus points if you said that like Stewie)


  1. I had to get the inside of my nose cauterized after a bad sparring match and I couldn't smell for 6 months. I didn't whine about it though. That's for the weak.

  2. I've never experiences this. Could it be related to medication or hormones?

  3. Have you tried garlic? That might make you gag as much as the vinegar, but from what I read it really clears out the sinus passages.
    At least you can't smell all the funk of the gym. I'd give anything to have your problem sometimes.

    1. fortunately, the gym does not stink. Technically, it's not even a gym. It's a renovated garage that only ever has 12 people working out at a time. and the trainer tells you your gross if you sweat too much and you have to clean up after yourself. hahaha
      I pay for this?