Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Being Two

  1. I want oatmeal!
  2. This is good, but it'd be even better if I could eat it on the stairs.
  3. It would be even more delicious if I didn't have to feed myself. "MOMMY!"
  4. I have to go potty.
  5. Oh! The Cat in the Hat is on! 
  6. I really need to pee.
  7. Where are my sparkly shoes?
  8. It's been a couple hours, I think I'll start crying.
  9. I'm going to see how much crazy shit my mom will do in hopes that I'll use the potty.
  10. Hahaha, she's a fool. 
  11. Play-doh!
  12. Where's Grandma?
  13. Where's the dog? 
  14. I bet the dog likes play-doh.
  15. Why isn't Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on RIGHT NOW.
  16. I want milk.
  17. No, water.
  18. Wait, juice.
  19. no, milk.
  20. wait, water.
  21. this water is not actually what I wanted.
  22. Milk, please.
  24. Scream in terror in anticipation
  26. I'm hungry.
  27. I refuse to accept any offers on lunch choices.
  28. My hair wants to be brushed.
  29. I want to brush the baby's hair.
  30. Why doesn't the baby have hair.
  31. Where's my lunch.
  32. I want a diaper change, but I'm not wearing a diaper.
  33. Ask for diaper, but I'll cry when it's on.
  34. Mommy looks like she needs a hug
  35. I think she wants to be kicked
  36. It's time to read 15 books.
  37. I love cuddling with my mom.
  38. I feel funny. Like I just really need to scream.
  39. Like I'm losing all control. 
  40. Time to slam my body down
  41. and wind it all around
  42. Slam, Slam, Slam, Slam
  43. Zig a zig ah.
  44. Nap time. finally I can take a break from the theatrics.
We've got a two year old in full force these days. Her favorite word is no. Says it for everything. Then gets angry when you don't know when she actually means yes.
Fortunately, the tantrums have only happened while at home. (my mom's house too). The moment she busts it out in public is the day she knows she's winning the battle.

wish me luck.

I'm 75% cute, 15% sweet, 95% INSANE


  1. So very very true for 2 year olds. At least for mine. Good luck!

  2. It may be wrong, but I'm enjoying this.

    1. Please tell me your 2 year old has been crazy too.