Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lena Lately

I was starting to feel guilty that the last several posts have nothing to do with Lena!
Lena (rhymes with ballerina, for those of you who can't seem to figure this out) is 7 months old already!
She is a good kid that has an emotional streak. She's at an age where she still isn't doing much, but it won't be long until she'll be on the move.
She sits up and plays with toys, and scoots backwards when she's on her tummy. She really prefers to cuddle given the opportunity though. Charlotte was never much of a cuddler, so I mostly enjoy it, but it can be tough to get things done sometimes.
She is soo smiley, but pretty much refuses to laugh unless it's her little grunt/cough combo. She demands high brow humor so she'll have to move out if she wants a good laugh.

Considering starting a line of infant brassieres. Babisieres. 

Lena has been doing well with sleeping for the most part. She takes 2-3 naps, all of which are quite short, but I'm getting used to it, and as long as I can get a 30 minute nap overlap with Charlotte's nap, I'm a happy camper. She goes to bed anywhere between 6:30-7:15, and doesn't wake to eat until about 6am. I think we're over the worst with the frequent nonsense wakeups, and today she even put her own pacifier in, which is truly a game changer.


It's funny when I compare Lena with Charlotte at the same age. They are really different, but mostly I think I'm different now too. I was always looking towards the next big (and little) milestone with Charlotte, and now I just keep thinking that Lena is my little baby. It doesn't occur to me that she'll probably be crawling in the next couple of months. With Charlotte, I thought she'd crawl any moment for months. I documented every.single.thing she did. 

Charlotte and Lena are buddies, but it is only a matter of time before Charlotte starts getting really territorial over her toys. She even yanks Lena's toys away and shouts "DARBY NO!" Then she tries to correct herself and say "Lena, no" but by then, she's over whatever toy she wanted and she moves on. 

Courtesy laughing.

Lena loooooves food, just like Charlotte did (does), and that makes meal time a little more enjoyable because she pretty much will eat anything that is offered. I made some broccoli and sweet potato, but so far, that's the only food she wasn't interested in. I don't blame her. It didn't taste that good to me either.

Photo courtesy B Modern , a friend of mine for 15 years!

In their Easter best
We had Lena baptized last week and she was grunting and fussing a majority of the time up in front of church, but I was happy that there were 9 other kids being baptized that day so all the ruckus took any attention of Lena. 
Baptism day. Matching outfits will never get old for me.
We definitely had a few rough months getting used to a baby in the house, but overall, Lena has been so good. She's so happy, cuddly, and easy going. There are many days where I tell myself "no more babies", but as she gets older, I can already tell I might be going back on my word. I should have written more during those "rough months" so I can remind myself why a 3rd little person in this house might be a bad choice. Or an absolutely adorable, squishy, smiley choice. Hmmm....

What's your favorite age for your kiddos? I think it just keeps getting better, but I'm a glass half full kinda girl.


  1. Your kids are so freaking cute. If you have a 3rd, I will probably really enjoy mocking you, so go for it.

    1. you mock me as it is, so what difference will it make? :)

  2. I second the notion - your girls are simply adorable! It seems like every baby age is amazing for different reasons. I am REALLY loving this ten month thing though. Brayden is learning new things at such a quick pace, is adorably mobile and always amazing me. ♥

    Oh - and you need a third. Tell Marcus to send in his male swimmers so you can have a little boy to love on. :)

  3. Oh my, y'all have good breeding stock. I say for sure populate the Earth with more of those beauties, but I'm delirious from a teething baby screeching at all hours of the night and day so...maybe don't listen to me. :)

  4. Holy crap at how your baby sleeps. We can't be friends now.

    1. "wakes to eat" the other wake ups are BS. :) Most nights are pretty good, but she sometimes needs a pacifier replacement once or twice.
      But I am cruel and have my children cry it out if they're acting a fool. I am a much better mother and human after both my kids and I get some sleep. :)