Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm Melting.

Holy moly it's hot, people.
I know. It's hot other places too, and upper 90s is normal. But we're in Michigan. A heat index of 105 for days at a time is too hot.
So now that Charlotte is finally down to one nap a day, that leaves a big chunk of the day where I need to find something to do, and when it's been so hot, I don't know what to do.
At the recommendation of some friends, I took her to the library on Tuesday, and I am so glad I did. I don't know if I've ever seen Charlotte so excited. She was the youngest kid there by just a couple of months, and she didn't sit for the last story, but she did really great.
There are quilts! Hanging on the walls!
We were the first to arrive, so Charlotte had full run of the place and decided that the chair in the front would have to be hers.
I wish I could have taken pictures the whole time because it was ridiculous. The reader (I don't think she was a librarian...not sure who she was service?) came out with a puppet, and I think Charlotte had bite marks in her index fingers from chomping down on them with excitement. I made a mental note to get a puppet for crabby times. There were songs in between each story and even though she didn't dance along much, I'm pretty sure Charlotte was peeing her pants the whole time out of sheer delight.
After the stories and songs were over, the kids lined up and got a stamp of an ice cream cone on their hand. Why? Who cares. If she could talk she would tell us that she would cherish her first stamp forever, and you better not give me a bath tonight!!
She caught a ghost with her bare hands during activity time.
Overall, it was a great way to spend part of the morning, and I think we'll be going each Tuesday for a little while. I also am signing us up for a music & me class in August with one of my friends and her little girl. It's things like these that seem so corny, but make me love being a mom.

Charlotte also had her 18 month well check this week, and she's still in just the 25% for her weight, and still at 75% for height. I can't wait for her to be a model and bring home the bacon. I was convinced she had an ear infection, but since she was having a spaz attack during her entire check up, it was too hard to get a good look at her ears, nose and throat. But she was put on an antibiotic due to a runny nose for 3 weeks, and four doses in, the snot has stopped.

We also stayed home for the first time in like 9 years for the 4th of July. It's just easier these days. I took Charlotte to her first parade (last year she was in one with me, but slept the whole time) and it was frickin broiling hot.
I'm pretending to enjoy this. I'm hot, and where are the horses? 

In other, being a SAHM mom, news: I am saving so much money on hair product and cosmetics! Sure, I look homeless most of the time and Sephora is calling me and asking where I've been, but at least I'm saving literally dollars per month! Tonight, I stopped into the beloved Sephora, and I just browsed. No one convinced me to buy some fancy skin illuminator, eyelid primer, or even a new brush head for my Clarisonic. I left without that cute black bag. I should get paid for this.

And only because this is awesome, I leave you with this:
This is the face she makes when she wakes up to an iPhone in her face.


  1. Haha I love your dog so much.

    Last time I went to Sephora, I walked out with eyelid primer. I didn't even know what the hell that was before I went in, but I couldn't leave without it. Yeah, and I don't even wear make up. Those sales people are good.

    We have the same type of story time, complete with stamps. Man, kids love stamps.

  2. Darby has fans from around the globe!
    I'm such a noob when it comes to motherhood that I have to get my ideas from restaurants and libraries. I will be getting puppets, stamps, and crayons tomorrow.

  3. I wish I could take the B to the library reading time. It's at 11 so the sitter takes her. The sitter says that the B has a blast and hums along with the songs.

    Stamps are magic. I took stamps with us on a flight and they entertained her for close to 30 minutes. Which, as you know is an eternity with a toddler.