Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How I Do It All

Hahahahahaha - "How I Do It All". I've never been accused of doing it all. I don't claim that I do. Sometimes, however, it feels like I do.
When I left my job to stay home I knew I had to make it a job. I can't just stay home and pretend that it's enough work on it's own.
I am easily overwhelmed when I have a big to do list. So to remedy that, I made a simple list of things I should get done each day. I have it posted on my little chalk board to remind myself what I need to get done, and if I'm feeling ambitious, I can do some extra things or some "chores" for tomorrow.
I don't mind doing most of the tasks. I like the idea of checking things off my list. What I'm getting really really sick of though? Picking up blocks. Collecting scattered books from all over the house. Lining up the many, many toys around the perimeter of our family room. Yeah yeah. I know. I have years of this ahead of me. I am seriously considering packing up 3/4 of Charlotte's toys and just hiding them for a while. She probably wouldn't even notice.
The thing that bugs me is that when the toys are picked up the house looks so clean. Never mind that I washed all the baseboards today, wiped down all the doors, doorknobs, light switch plates, and hand rails. Don't worry that I mopped all the hard surfaces and vacuumed the couch 3 times this week. I sanitize the shower, tub and bathroom counters on Wednesdays and dust all of the furniture on Tuesdays. I do a total of 8 loads of laundry a week.
But if I don't pick up those stinking toys? It looks like I didn't do a thing all day. SO. ANNOYING.
What you can't see is that the tile around the fireplace has been mopped, I washed all the fingerprints off the fireplace glass, dusted the electronics, and polished the furniture.

Would I be mean if I hid a majority of her least until the playroom is finished?


  1. You clean too much. That's your problem.

    Bam. I'm so helpful.

    1. ha! Seriously - it ends up being maybe 30-45 minutes a day.
      Don't hate.