Monday, July 30, 2012

A Few Constants

I laughed to myself today while realizing the few constants that present themselves in my life lately.

I can always count on finding miscellaneous items in random places due to a certain Charlotte.
I discovered this the day after I went out and finally bought Charlotte a new toothbrush.

Velcro rollers, baby monitor, rolls of tape, formula dispenser, baby toys - all in Darby's crate.
(Darby doesn't spend as much time in there lately)

Fridge Phonics in the bathroom

I can also count on my dog doing this:

In the family room

On the new couch that is for the basement but since the basement is not ready, it's in the great room.

In my bed.

The other constant is that Charlotte will try to step, stand, or sit in just about everything that isn't intended for it.

Climbs in but is instantly distressed.

She dumps out all of the blocks and climbs right in

In a doll box

So if there are a few things that I can count on, it's those things. And also heartburn.


  1. I'm pretty sure we're living the same life.

  2. These are fantastic constants! So adorable.:). It must be like a daily scavenger hunt at your house. Does she remember where she's stashed things? :)