Saturday, October 2, 2010

Babymoon Recap

It appears I took an accidental break from my bloggie! Sorry about that!

Life is good in Emilyworld.

I have been feeling little baby girl move around a TON! There have been a few times where it's been a little obnoxious, even. Is there any connection between an active fetus and an active baby? I'm curious to see if she'll be a squirmy kid. What was your experience?

The hubs and I also just took a babymoon last week, and it was such a wonderful getaway. Very different from the trips we've taken in the past. A babymoon is something I've been told we really need to do, and I'm glad we were able to take the time to travel.

Our first stop was Ft. Lauderdale. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Marcus enjoys a good game of blackjack (well who doesn't enjoy a good game?) and I'm a big fan of the fancy new slot machines that have speakers in the seats and shake when good things happen. My personal favorites are the Sex & The City slots, Indiana Jones, and the Amazing Race<--- which might be my all time favorite. We stayed at the Hard Rock for just one evening, and while we were there, we lounged by their resort style pool, won some $$, and mistakenly spent $18 on chips and guacamole. Our server was apparently very good at upselling without our knowing.

Our next destination was Miami! I had been looking forward to this for a long time. We opted to stay downtown Miami vs. South Beach/Miami Beach because, frankly, we were there to be spoiled and to relax, and not party. And boy were we ever spoiled!
We lounged by the pool (when it wasn't raining), ate some amazing food, received massages, took naps & finished books. Just what I needed. The only issue was my baby is sitting pretty low so I have been getting more uncomfortable and it wasn't a rare sight to see me trying to "move" her. There may be no proof, but I think that lying on the floor with my hips and legs up made her "float" up a little bit. Haha...kind of ridiculous.
Unfortunately, our flight was delayed on the way home, causing us to miss our connection, so we stayed another night and kind of a creepy hotel. I quickly realized how spoiled we were!
And now, a couple of pictures!

Crazy storm coming in while we were visiting Miami Beach. 2 minutes after this picture was taken, it started POURING, and not the typical Florida 10-minute rain, it was a 45 minute downpour. Kind of fun, and we got gelato while we waited it out.

This was SUCH a fun night! We told the concierge that we kind of just wanted pizza for dinner that night. He mentioned that the best place only had take out/delivery, which was fine with us. But they wanted us to have an experience, so they set up a private table with candles and flowers on the lounge balcony, just for us!! There was a man named "B" who was kind of like a little butler who set everything up, and called us Mr. Marcus and Ms. Emily and on this particular night he was playing "his" music and it was all Lady Gaga and dance music and we kept catching him bust out 2 second moves. We told him we'd have a dance party with him later, but we couldn't find him once we were ready. :)

Couldn't resist this one. :)

someone is getting large and in charge...

Well, if you made it through this entry, give yourself a pat on the back!

Time for me to get a move's (finally) baby registering day!!
This is not something I'm looking forward to, blog post to come. :)

Have a good weekend, friends!


  1. I LOVE the "bump" sign and you! Too adorable! Sounds like you guys had fun, and you look adorable!

  2. Beautiful pics Emily! I'm glad you enjoyed your babymoon, and I'm loving reading about your pregnancy journey! :) Also, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.