Monday, September 13, 2010

23 weeks already?

I can't believe I'm already over half way through this pregnancy!
It's been an adventure.
Here's what's been going on...(as I copy my friends' blogs with my own answers)

How far along? 23 weeks. That means I'm in my 5th month for those of you who dislike those of us who use weeks to measure. :)

Baby's size? I have an ultrasound later this week, maybe I'll find out for sure, but baby should be about 12 inches and 1 lb!! I can distinctly remember how scary it was knowing the size of a baby at like 5 weeks pregnant (when we found out). A sesame seed. Seriously! Obviously 1 pound is still very vulnerable, but she has organs and everything now! A teeny baby!

Weight Gain? This one has been tough to deal with lately. I've been feeling very sorry for myself. Let's just say I'm right on track according to the charts. I say I'm on the fast track to obesity. I know, I'll shut up. One thing I'm not understanding lately is how I may mention that I feel like a cow or something, and the response I get is "at least you have a reason!" Now is not the time to agree with me. mmmmmmmmmKAY?!

Maternity clothes? Yes! Most of my clothes are maternity, a few tops and dresses are regular size, but not fitting as well. I should mention that I recently won $100 to motherhood maternity! I am not completely sure how I won it. I do not care. It said I could spend it at Pea in the Pod as well...which I favor over motherhood. However, the pea in the pod at macy's doesn't count! So I skipped on over to motherhood and still spent it easily! Woohoo!

Stretch marks? Not that anyone should notice. If I am examining myself closely, I could imagine some. I'm doing my best to not pay attention.

Belly button in or out? It's in, but I can tell it's going to make it's outie debut very soon. It's hilarious! What a strange phenomenon.

Sleep? Mmmm sleep! I've been sleeping great ever since I got my crazy boppy pregnancy pillow. I use it whenever I'm reading in bed, and I sleep all night with it. It's miraculous. I also still squeeze in naps whenever possible.

Foods I am loving? uhh, most foods, unfortunately. Which is better than the first 16 weeks...where very few things were acceptable. Arby's sounds good A LOT, I don't have it that often. And if presented with pickles, I'm psyched! I've totally lost it though..what are those little slices called? Chips? Medallions? Discs? Not spears. I love those little zippy crunch buddies.

Foods I am hating? Depends on the moment. Not too picky anymore, but I have my moments.

Best moment this week? This week? How about the last two weeks...Feeling baby move BIG time on the outside! I can see my hand move or my belly shift. It's indescribable. Sometimes I can't help but let out a little squeal when it happens. It's brought tears a couple of times(I know...I'm a softie.) Marcus has gotten to feel it just a couple of times. As excited as I am for him to feel her move, I just look forward to the day where he get's to hold her for real. Oh boy. Hormones. Next question!!

Movement? Oh oops. I didn't read ahead. Um...disregard.

Symptoms? There are lots of funny things that I want to share, but I may need to leave an anonymous post somewhere because if you're not into the whole pregnancy thing and you're reading this, you will not be intrigued. But I can't wait to hear about your pregnancy symptoms! :) One of the new things I've noticed is my feet and lower legs have gotten puffy at the end of the day. Time for some JOBST! Do they make jobst for the face? What can I do for my puffy face? I've also started to get some pretty crazy heartburn. It's rough!

Gender? 85% girl! I hesitate to say 15% boy, because that's totally weird. I guess I should say the dr is 85% certain it's a girl. I am having another ultrasound this week, hopefully they can double check.

What I miss? Do NOT make me feel guilty for this. I miss wine. There. I said it!
I also miss my tough work outs. Had I felt better during the first several weeks, I could have kept up and tapered a little bit, but I didn't. I go for walks and attempt yoga. But I miss weights and punching and jump rope. I can't even imagine jumping rope right now. HA!

What I'm looking forward to? Getting the nursery started...we bought a crib today!

Weekly Wisdom: This is for myself, you can use it if you'd like. Do not worry about the scale. This is temporary. There is a lot of vanity involved with being a girl, few people can deny it. Get over yourself and accept your growing body!

Milestone: Feeling baby and not feeling crappy!

Emotions: All over the place! Oh, poor everyone. In general, I'm feeling pretty happy. I've always been pretty moody. (Oh, poor Marcus!!) Mostly I'm bubbling over with joy, but it's still a complicated time. I am having a second ultrasound this week to double check baby's heart. They told me 100 times not to worry. And had they been concerned, I do not think they would have waited 4 weeks to check. This is the first time I've actually mentioned it...and I realize how scared I actually am. So there's one big emotion: fear.

So there's the update, friends!
I'm surprised at how ready I am to meet this little girl, even though technically nothing else is ready, including her! So I will be patient and keep growing her.

Thanks for checking in. :)

edit after re-reading post: I'm not that concerned about food, weight, working out as I made it seem!! Gosh, I sound lame! I think that's today talking. Tomorrow I could have a completely different approach! :)

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