Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Ahead to 2013.

I just went back and read my year-end post for 2011. I planned on writing about what my goals for 2013 might be, and as it turns out, they are identical to what I hoped for 2012. Hm. So much for reaching goals.

Although, I should mention that in the past year, we had a lot thrown our way! A pregnancy, a baby, a home renovation. So since my goals to become more organized and lose weight were sort of achieved and then completely unachieved (not a word, I know.) I think it's reasonable to set the same "resolutions" for next year too.

We finally finished our basement in the last year. There's a little left to be done, but nothing substantial. In the process of the renovation, a lot of junk that was just down there for storage stayed down there and basically had walls built around it. Most people would clean that up before that whole ordeal. We evidently aren't most people. My goal for 2013 is to get it cleaned out completely and have no garbage or strange and unnecessary paraphernalia from our high school days. Today I showed Marcus "the bracelet he got me a long time ago", only it wasn't from him at all. So yeah. Threw it in the trash. I also found a picture that was in my dental file that was given to me years ago. Makes sense to keep that, for sure.
Don't throw me away!

We found old cell phones from 10 years ago and we brought up all the reasons why they were awesome at the time. Like mine, for example, had a feature where I could customize what color light showed when different people called. Talk about fancy. Marcus's was a nextel so there was actually nothing ever cool about it ever. BLOOP BLOOP.

My next resolution for 2013 is to lose the baby weight and not put in all back on in the same year with another pregnancy. Oye. Ideally, I'd lose it in the next 8 weeks as we've got a family vacation planned with the in laws. But I've fully embraced the mom-suit, and feel no sense of urgency as far as looking hot goes. I was browsing the internet for swimwear, and I truly think that Victoria's Secret is insulted if I purchase from them. I don't think I'm exactly their target demographic anymore. That's okay. However, I think I might be the target demographic for Pillsbury. Not as okay.

I guess my main goal for 2013 is to feel settled in my role as a stay at home mom of 2. I've only been staying home for 7 months, and while I mostly enjoy it, I need to do a better job at it.
I was telling my husband how Lena is no longer a newborn, it's time for me to get dressed for the day (on a daily basis.) I mean, I change my clothes, but it's not like I'm presentable to society. I'd like to maintain myself, and the house a little better this year. So yeah. Let's see if that happens.

Happy New Year!
What kind of crazy stuff would you find in your storage space?

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