Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas with our Little Loves

There's something sort of cliche about even mentioning the magic of the Christmas season when you have children. But I never knew the joy that they could bring an already joyful time of year. 
Little things like sparkly lights, first snowfalls, and the hand motions to Christmas songs got Charlotte all giddy and sweet, and I just ate it up. We had a very busy 4 days, and by the end we all crashed. Charlotte is either becoming a terrible 2 (her birthday is in 7 days!) or she's exhausted (even though she sleeps like Rip VanWinkle) or she's fighting a bug. I really hope it's a bug, because there's hope that she'll be back to her old self in no time. 

But overall, it went great, and we all had a lot of fun.

Self timed forced family photo. The best kind.

Note: open things like trains and play kitchens after the boring stuff like books.

ah! I've been wanting this gift all of my life!

Charlotte and her cousin John (4 months older) making each other hysterical. 

Two new babies this year!

My husband knows me so well.

Baking cookies

My mom searched the whole internet and surprised me with this little gem.
if you need  refresher, click here.

All tuckered out. She was not sleeping, but she did not want to be bothered.
Another Christmas is behind us, and that means it's on to Charlotte's birthday.
Are the twos as terrible as they say or do you think it's moved to the threes?

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