Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Call Me Crazy

In two days my husband and I are taking the girls on vacation.
Before Lena was even born, we knew we wanted to take a warm weather trip in November or December. People were not shy to tell us that we were crazy, and that it would be stressful, and basically our lives would be ruined forever. But we love vacationing, and when Charlotte was 14 weeks, I flew with her (without Marcus) to Florida and the trip went great.

So after throwing around a few ideas, we decided to go to Disney World. We aren't planning on doing the parks thing every day, and we also plan on going back to the resort for nap time. Maybe a late nap time.

The weather looks good, and the place we're staying has a toddler friendly pool so we can spend some time there too.
I'm ready for the pool!!

Charlotte went through an enormous growth spurt between September and October and so many of her clothes don't fit. Thankfully, I have a friend who loaned me some of her daughters things so Charlotte doesn't need to wear a tiny bathing suit. (although I love her little belly showing)

What do you mean it's too cold? Why must you tease me?

I'm just excited to go on our first big trip as a family of four, and even if schedules do get all cuckoo, it's not like I need to go back to work once we're back home. We'll get it figured out. Lena has chosen not to sleep between the hours of 5pm and 11pm and is not easy to keep entertained, so maybe some laser light shows or fire works will keep her happy while we're gone. 

How old were you on the first vacation that you can remember? 
When I was 7 we went to Washington DC because nothing is more fascinating to a first grader than the Jefferson Memorial.

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