Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Weekend Away

Over the weekend we spent some time at my in law's condo in Suttons Bay. We haven't been up there as a family since Memorial Day, and I spent that time pretty miserable. I ended up in the ER for a mystery ailment that I'm pretty sure was gallbladder/pregnancy related.
But that's beside the point.

My husband has a building project about 20 minutes from there and he travels up every Thursday for work. So  I loaded up the girls, Darby, and about 20 bags and boxes to come up and meet him. Let me tell you, the packing and planning is so.much.crazier when you have an infant along. I remember we brought Charlotte up when She was about the same age as Lena but I wasn't on my own for packing.
My plan was to leave around 8 am, but we didn't get on the road until after 10:00. There's just so much to think about! But we managed, and we had a perfect trip.

We really haven't spent much time doing "nothing" as a family. There's always something to be done around the house, mounds of laundry, basement crap, general non-relaxation. Going away was exactly what we needed.

We checked out the completed project my husband managed for his job and after that went to the local children's museum.
This place used to house mental patients. Now they just pose on the porch.
Escaping Shawshank


My parents joined us for a couple of nights and even watched the girls so Marcus and I could go on a date!
I had two cocktails which was one too many because suddenly my husband got funny again. Okay, that's not nice, but we had a great time out and need to try to get out on a more frequent basis. Those kids are draining!

We played some life sized Jenga. My mom was very frazzled by it. Every piece was "stuck" and she didn't grasp the idea for several rounds. :)

Marcus lost

I think the trip was a good practice for our upcoming vacation to Disney! We won't have help from my parents when we go, but it gave us an idea how the girls would do on a long car ride and sleeping in a new place. It went really well, and we had a lot of fun, so there's hope. 
It's been a busy November so far, and it's going to stay that way until December, and then it's Christmastime! I bought the Elf on a Shelf book this year. I know Charlotte is young, and I wasn't planning on doing the whole "Santa" thing but I gave in. I love the idea of starting little traditions now.

Do you have any traditions you do with your family, or remember fun ones from growing up?


  1. Isn't it good to get away once in a while?
    We do the Elf on the Shelf too, and our kids LOVE it. Mike and I have fun planning where to hide him and what kind of "mischief" he gets into.
    This year, we want to plan some activities as a family to focus on blessing others.

    1. I look forward to the mischief too! I might have to take pictures to show her when she gets older since I'm not so sure she'll get it this year. I don't care. I admit it, I do it for me. :)
      And it's great to show the boys how important is it to help others! mom an dad of the year!

  2. Those mental patients look pretty adorable! Life sized Jenga looks fun!

    I find that the elf on a shelf is 2 parts cute and 1 part creepy. I saw a little of Chuckie when I was little and I'm completely scarred for life. Now I get a little weirded out if stuffed animals aren't where I left them the next morning.

    My family was a mess of chinese and american traditions. We weren't good about sticking to either. Now I don't have any except trying to stay sane :).

  3. I read this when you published it. I didn't have two hands to comment, but I wanted credit for reading.

    1. your assignment was turned in late. no credit.