Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things That Annoy Me

1. World Market. Normally I really like the store. Normally, I don't have two kids that need to be in a cart.
This week I took the girls out, and my plan was to go to World Market to get a few baskets to go in our entertainment center. There wasn't any up-close parking available, so I walked with Charlotte while I carried Lena in her car seat. Charlotte walks like a sloth. (I've never actually seen one walk. Just hang. But I imagine they walk slowly. I wonder if Kristen Bell knows all things sloth.) We make it into the store to discover that Lena will not fit in the shopping cart. So I walk back out with them to load them up in the stroller. Charlotte falls in the parking lot and skins her knee. But she's a lot like the Honey Badger. She don't give a shit.
But once I got out the stroller, she was ticked! I finally restrained the flailing little bugger and head into the store, but the aisles do not accommodate my double stroller. (file this under: why I shop online).
I make it to the back of the store where the baskets are, and this is what I find:


2,) Finally getting a restless over-tired baby to sleep only to have them violently fill their diaper. It's sort of like the kid in a snowsuit saying they need to go to the bathroom, but in the middle of the night with a little baby that you

3.) When people say "supposably". That is NOT A WORD. Read more. If you pay attention, you'll realize that you've never read that word in your life.
Maybe I should lighten up. After all, it was I who thought these guys:

were actually called "Haulin' Oats" until like 5 years ago. And I never knew how to say Don Quixote so I just didn't. Clearly I have issues with things involving oats. But yeah. Stop saying supposably.

I know I should be blogging more meaningful bits of my life, but I know how much you guys like a rant.

What words or phrases did you have wrong for way too long?
I have a friend who thought a rum & coke was called a Roman Coke until she saw it spelled out at a bar.


  1. Does Lena like being worn? I have the Ergo and I was really hoping to avoid cart issues with my Ergo plans. Even just thinking about wearing a baby right now makes me feel sweaty and hot. Ugh, this weather is awful.

  2. Hahahahahaha! Have I ever told you that I just love you, Emily?

  3. Lauren used to say "let's play it by YEAR." Drove me nuts. Now, of course, he says it because of that very reason.