Monday, March 12, 2012

A Word About Las Vegas

About 6 weeks ago I crammed a carry on with mini dresses covered in sequins, sky high pumps, and false eyelashes. We had our trip planned for weeks and we were so looking forward to getting away! We would take a break from our parental duties, stay up late, win some money, indulge in cocktails-a-plenty.
A good time always awaits us in Las Vegas.
The day before our trip I sure I was supposed to have a *certain* visitor by now. But the last few months it's been quite screwy, so I really wasn't all that concerned. (I'm talking about my period, dummies.) So, just for some peace of mind, I thought I should probably take a pregnancy test before we left on our trip. I knew it would be negative, but I knew I wouldn't enjoy my trip to the fullest if there was any doubt. Even though my purse never has a pen, and my diaper bag never has wipes, I seem to always have a pregnancy test on hand.

And wouldn't you know it. It was positive.
Or a big fat positive as they say in the baby making biz.

While thinking in terms of the long term future, I was absolutely thrilled! But it's my short-term response that made me feel guilty. I think it went something like this: Holy SH*T. (I had a toddler sleeping, I didn't want her to hear me swear.) We were getting on a plane in just over 24 hours with our siblings who really know how to have a good time. I didn't want to ruin their fun!

And while I've had day dreams about the adorable way I would tell my husband our wonderful news of expanding our family, maybe "Juno" style where I arrange a big chair in the front yard and chew on a pipe before I tell him the news. Or maybe like Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse from Full House where Becky makes Jesse baby carrots, babyback ribs, and baby got back. Wait...that's not right.
The only thing I could manage to do was call him. It wasn't cute, it wasn't well executed, it was what it was.

"I'm pregnant."
It was awkward and abrupt.

It hadn't set in yet and we didn't know what to think. Adding more children to our family has always been our plan, it just happened sooner, and easier, that we would have ever planned.

But now that the dust has settled (and honestly, it settled about 30 minutes after I found out), it feels really good. I am happy, feel oddly at peace considering the chaos that is about to ensue in a few short months, and simply exhausted. And I love it.

Here we go!!!!


  1. That was my exact response to finding out I was pregnant with Keegan. Braden was 11 months old. I texted him a picture of the test I *knew* was going to be a BFN...I believe the caption read "Holy shit. No denying that line."