Sunday, March 25, 2012

When Summer Came Early

Has this been a crazy March or what?! We've had record highs and though it's been great to get outside, it was sort of confusing. Little Charlotte had nothing to wear because most of her summer clothes are a size up and on top of that, she only had two outfits that were for hot weather. We didn't have just two or three days of this hot (I'm talking 80+ degrees!) weather, we had something like 10 days.
We had lots of fun during our sample summer, so I thought I'd share some pics!

45 minutes of fun! Learned my lesson though - splat mat = slip-n-slide when water is added. (duh)


My little cutie

Shouting at the birds

That dog gone hat is always covering her face

This is actually a shirt. Works as a dress too!

Who needs fancy toys?

We thought we could do a diaper day in the heat, but the stinker figured out how to take it off.

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