Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Little Cuddle Bug (In Training)

Before I was a mom, I thought "I don't know what I'll ever do if my baby isn't a snuggler!!" (I probably thought of other things too, like "I can't wait to go bathing suit shopping" and "sure, I'll have another drink, it's only 1am.")
But seriously. I have friends who had children that would. not. sit. still. and I was all "dude! sit still!" And I would say "I really hope my future children love to snuggle!" and my friends would be all <eye roll>.
Charlotte doesn't sit still. She does not cuddle, she does not brush my hair for me, what is she even good for?
Well, this was all true until about 3 months ago. She was always the type of kid that when she woke up, it was time to go! always exploring, pulling things out of other things, getting into general mischief. She would simultaneously steal the remote control, find Darby's "shock" collar, and put my toe in her mouth. But one day, a miraculous thing occurred. Charlotte got sick. She sat on my lap and cuddled! I loved it! I started to  bring her to the Y in hopes that she would catch a bug. (just kidding. I don't even have a Y membership.)
But ever since that day, she has slowly accepted that sometimes it's nice to chill. Especially when mommy has a hangover. She is usually hesitant at first, not completely relaxing. It's as if she feels like she needs to be at attention at all times, and would lay down, but have her neck and head strained like she was doing crunches. And I tell her, "honey, look at mommy. do you see how relaxed I am? It feels so good to lay on the couch all day and eat bon bons." and "go get me some bon bons before you come and cuddle." (where do you even find bon bons? I've been settling for truffles for months.)

So now, she's learned she can lean over and rest on me, and sometimes she even sits on my lap and lays on my chest (after I hold down her head.) We're making progress over here, and soon we shall be a sedentary household.

Dreams can come true.

Picking out the perfect truffle for mommy dearest

Snuggling - for now.

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