Monday, June 27, 2011

June Wrap Up & Photos

Whew. Life is going too fast. Everyone says it does after you have a kid. I am now one of those people, because my kid is going to be 6 months in a few days and I absolutely cannot believe it. I'll do a picture post around that time so we can see how much the little monster has grown.
But for now, here's a little recap of June in Emily World.

We introduced veggies and a couple of fruits to Charlotte when she turned 5 months old. My plan was to wait until 6 months, or however long it took her to be ready, but with encouragement from her pediatrician, we went ahead with it. Charlotte loves it! So far we've done sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, avocado, apples, pears, and peas. She loves all of it....except apples. Once I mixed em with nanners though, she was an addict. That's how I interpret her little shakes of anticipation for food. Certainly it can't be excitement. Clearly, she's a baby addict.
First tastes of sweet potatoes 6/4/2011

She's been cirque du soliel-ing for a while, but is now officially playing with her feet every chance she gets

We've also slowly started to introduce her to beer. We're trying to build up her tolerance, so we only allow a little bit at a time. 

Siting up is our next big milestone. She's not quite there yet, but she's getting closer. She hasn't reached Weeble status, as she still falls down.

Charlotte had her first trip to Lake Michigan. We didn't go on the beach, but we walked the pier.
(Edit: She's been to Lake Michigan up north. This was her first time closer to home.)
She looks so tiny in her big stroller. It's funny to picture a 4 year old fitting in the same stroller a 5 month old is in.

After our long hot walk, we rewarded her with a little bit more beer.

I busted out the jumperoo this month. I have ADD when it comes to toys. I am just too excited to see how she responds to the new gear. She does like the jumperoo, but the little stinker is either too short or doesn't weigh enough for it.
Not a lot of bouncing going on in there.

Appleschmutz. Not a fan.

She sure loves her Daddio. And he loves his little "Nugget". His "Mrs. Bucket" His "Didi Benami" Yes, he actually called her the name of an American Idol season 9 contestant.

The non-Charlotte photo: Marcus and I had our first overnight away since the Little Dictator took over. We had an absolutely fabulous time at our friends' wedding in northern Michigan. Charlotte was her usual non-sleeping self while we were gone, but Grandma and Grandpa survived!

Back to Mini Mussolini: I have been trying my hardest to get her to laugh! She's given me little chuckles for a couple of months. After trying peek-a-boo, tickling, puns, sarcasm, and self injury, she finally laughed! At the dog.
Here's a clip. (Darby was jumping around and trying to chomp on a chunk of styrofoam) Forgive the poor quality, I grabbed the nearest video cam.

And lastly, a quick photo before she "marched" in a premature 4th of July parade. No one could even see her, since she was sleeping in the Ergo carrier...I was just excited to have an opportunity to have to wear this outfit more than once!!
Her shirt says "America's Sweetie" I find it somewhat hilarious that children's clothes rarely reflect the true meaning of our independence here in the USA. It's all cutesy "Daddy's Lil Firecracker" and "Star Spangled Beauty". Don't forget "Mommy's Little Heart Attack" with a kid lighting a Roman Candle.

So that's June in a nutshell. July has always signified the middle of summer...after that it just flies by. July is also the month in which my little girl turns 6 months. Does that mean she'll be a year in the blink of an eye?

I guess I should start planning her party now...

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