Monday, June 6, 2011

How To Make My What To HUH?!

I couldn't resist this one. I needed to share.
This morning as I was drinking my iced coffee (It started out hot, but then I forgot about I added ice and milk), I took to the internet to figure out how to make our lilac bush grow bigger. We planted it a couple of years ago, but it doesn't seem to be growing larger or yielding many blooms. Do I sound smart when I say "yielding"? Yes?  Okay! Yielding! Wait, is that even the correct term? Screw it, whatever. Losers.

I started typing my query into the Google search bar. In many cases, I absolutely love Google's suggested searches. It finishes my thought, I can quit typing and make a selection.
However, today...I was having a tough time wording my question, hoping Google would just help me out, but instead I got the most ridiculous suggestions that weren't pertinent to my search at all!

So here is my search on Google: How to make your lilac bush grow larger
First, as I typed "How to make" it suggested:
  • How to make a resume
  • How to make jello shots
  • How to make a hard boiled egg
So I continued with "How to make your"
  •  How to make your hair grow longer
  • How to make yourself throw up
  • How to make your breasts bigger
Okay, still not what I'm looking for...
I was going to finish my search with: "How to make your lilac bush..." and it came up with:
  • How to make your lil bastard use the toilet
  • how to make your lil bastard stop drinking
What the whaaat?

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