Wednesday, May 18, 2011

World's Best Mom

This is my new title. I appointed myself with it. I'm not even being sarcastic. I might be exaggerating though.
When I get some sleep, I am a better mom and a better person in general. And after a night like last night, I am the best.
That's all on that subject.

Next on the docket? My husband's birthday is this week. In years past, I've most likely had his gift ready and wrapped (or at least ordered). Uhh...I feel like I've already screwed this one up.
I feel like I have to scramble around looking for something that he might like that is also a good deal (it's always a bad idea to pay full price for something in this household). The best way to get a good deal is via the internet, and I no longer have enough time to order something. I simply cannot keep using the baby as an excuse for all of my mess ups. That's not nice, nor completely true. And on top of all of this? He has become too stylish for me to afford. Since when did the boy that I met go from baggy jeans and 5k t shirts to William Rast jeans and True Religion socks? Seriously. I shop at Target (not that there's anything wrong with that...I love tar-jay), and he uses Bumble and Bumble in his hair. I may have created a monster. Yes, I'm taking credit for the transformation. True Religion socks. <shakes head>

Today is my day off and we start out by taking the ol' (3 year ol') hound to the vet to check on her tumors. I feel so sad and just hope she's still doing okay. I don't want to keep having her be cut open and deal with the stitches and healing...but it might be our only option. We're going to discuss other treatment today if necessary. Oh, how I love that dog. And HEY! HATERS: We still love our doggie the same after our baby arrived. Charlotte easily has priority, but Darby still gets her daily park, rollerblade, run...etc.
So after the vet, it's time to find the best birthday present OF ALL TIME!!!!
(Any suggestions are appreciated. :) )

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