Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Randoms

Since I'm still slightly sleep deprived, I'll probably do this bullet point style. But I might forget. So forgive me and my poor formatting.

  • Not sure if I need to mention this, but C (and PUH-leeease don't call her Char!!) (holy shit if one more person refers to her as Char, so help me.) is still not sleeping so great. We've made a little progress, but we're still working on it.
  • Charlotte (but not Char-LOT) had her 4 month appointment this week. She is, as suspected, a peanut. I could go ahead and misuse the word literally like literally everyone I know but then I'd have to punch myself. She is figuratively a peanut. Her head and weight are in the 30th percentile (she's 13.4 lbs) and her height has stayed in the 50th. She has been in the 50th percentile since birth, and the dr. said it's totally normal at her age to not gain as much weight since they are using a lot of energy developmentally. I may have made that whole thing up as I don't remember anything she actually said.
  • I had a garage sale last weekend and today we're finally cleaning up the stuff that didn't sell and we didn't give away. I really don't like bringing these things back in the house but at the same time I wasn't ready to part with them since I wouldn't give them to charity. But the good news is we made some money. I don't feel the need to do another garage sale for at least a few years.
  • Speaking of things I don't like about myself (the fact that it took over a week to clean up the garage again) I really wish I was more awesome. You'd think I'd learn to be more prepared 1) as an adult and 2) as a mother. I never have a pen in my purse. I carry around a huge ass handbag, and the only thing it's filled with are some cough drops that fell out of the package and a bunch of receipts. One day, Marcus put some pens in my purse because he respects women who are prepared. I can never find them. I also forget a burp cloth, baby wipes, an extra diaper...the things that matter. Oh, and today I had to do my make up in the car on the way to church and I forgot eye makeup. I looked like a 6th grader with my wet ponytail and undefined eyes. Ugh. I wish I could just get it together! UGH.
  • Oh, back to Charlotte. Her ped gave us the okay to start solids. I was all "for realz?" and she was like "fo sho!" It didn't really go like that, but yes, we can proceed with rice cereal and after a couple weeks, she encouraged me to offer veggies. I kind of thought I'd wait until 6 months, but since she's little, and always hungry, I figured we'll give it a shot. She is really excited about it most of the time, and she is getting the hang of it. Definitely messy, and to get her used to it, I offer it from my finger. So it ends up looking raisin-y by the time her meal is over.
  • We also set up her exersaucer this week and it's SO fun watching her in there. She mostly just stares at her toys, but loves to stand up. There is this chameleon that lights up and sings a song that sounds like a band during the british invasion. It stays in my head like crazy and I wake in the night singing "RED, YELLOW & BLUUUUE woo woo woo!" ack.
On that note, here's a few photos of her hangin out.
Apparently it's the standing + toys that = fun

wtfreak do I do now?

One day later, she's learning.
(I'm a little disapointed that the camera focused on the monkeys and not her face.)


  1. Rory weighed the same amount at 4 months and looks so much fatter! Too funny.

    Love the many faces of Charlotte :)

  2. seriously? That's so funny, Charlotte is clearly a Ringnalda. :)