Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm A Video Chick

OKAY. I've been encouraged to post a vlog. I figure if I let you know that I'll be doing it, I will have to do it. However, my personal laptop is on, what I like to call, the fritz.
So, tomorrow I will attempt my first vlog, and hopefully I'll have it posted within the week.
If you want to get in on the hot vlog action, check out the linky here, and visit one of my favorite bloggers, Mommyfriend!
If all goes well and I'm discovered as an internet hit, which undoubtedly, I will be, I might just continue the on camera awkwardness fun.
Now, if you don't believe that I hold a baby and snuggle with a dog while I blog, here's proof, although the computer doesn't show as it is just to the right of me on the coffee table.

Stay tuned, readers. This is going to be EPIC. (oh dear. what have I done?)

EDIT: I just realized that I'll have an oppurtunity to win "a copy of the gorgeous coffee table book by Oprah Magazine, Live Your Best Life" by participating! Something to put on that coffee table to the right of me! Whoop!

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