Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An email addressed to my old friend, Sleep

Dear Sleep,
OMG! I miss you, where have you been? Things here without you have been okay. Obviously nights are the most difficult. I'm sort of getting used to you not being around, but love it when you visit.
Let me just say, we used to be so close. Spending hours together on Saturday mornings, chillin on Sunday afternoons...and when I got pregnant you made yourself very available in those first 12 weeks. You would taunt me at work until I finally caved and hung out with you in my car at lunch.
I'm a little fuzzy on where things went wrong.
I mean, we've had so many good years, and then what? I gained too much weight for you to want to come around? Those last few weeks of my pregnancy were really hard without you. I needed you more than ever and you bailed on me. WTF, Sleep?!
I guess we might not have as much in common as we used to, especially now that the baby is here. Yes, I know she's demanding, but I still want to hang out with you!
Your cousin Exhaustion just isn't as comforting as you. Frankly, he's exhausting. He's a bad influence. No one wants to be around me after I spend too much time with him. I'm bitchy and whiny and on the verge of tears. You, Sleep, you make me a better person. A better Emily.

Don't worry about scheduling something, just stop by! I usually have an hour or two available during the day, and I'd love a 5 hour stretch during the night. I know it'll be SO good to reconnect.
I miss you.
Yours Truly,

P.S. Do you have Eye Cream's email address? I've been wanting to get in touch with her since you've stopped coming around.

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