Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jinxing It

Deep breath.

I think I have a perfect baby.

Crap. I probably just jinxed myself.

But seriously. Lena is an angel. Being a mom of two has been an easy transition. I was expecting to feel the way I did after Charlotte arrived, and then have to take care of a toddler on top of it.
I know it's likely to get more challenging in the months to come...maybe? But for now, it's been nearly seamless.

The main difference I see in Charlotte is that she's more cuddly, but not in a needy way. She shows more affection and enjoys receiving it more too. Mornings are really sweet, because the three of us snuggle in bed, sometimes until 10:00. I felt embarrassed about that at first and then I was all, whatever screw you, productivity! I have a newborn!

Lena is a great eater and sleeper and pooper. And since those are the only things newborns do, she's pretty much acing the course. There are a few schools of thought when it comes to waking babies to eat, and my ped says no longer than 4 hours at night until back to birth weight. I've also heard no longer than 6 hours until they reach 10 lbs. And then there's the generation of our parents who think we're insane for waking sleeping babies to eat. I set an alarm at night but for some reason I never, ever hear it. So Lena has had a few nice stretches of 4-5 hours where either I wake up or she does. With Charlotte, I did what I was told and woke her frequently to eat so her jaundice would subside, and I honestly think that caused the sleeping and feeding problems we experienced. So since Lena is healthy, a good weight, and poops a ton, I let her do her thing at night. During the day, I feed her every 2-3 hours and hope for a good night. We've had a handful of nights where I'm up with her until 2 or 2:30, but she's not crying, just grunty.

I recognize this is probably a boring read, but I do love to go back and read about what our little ones were like. I honestly feel so much happier than I thought I would. I thought I'd be overwhelmed and exhausted. I'm beginning to realize that having your first child is the overwhelming part, and adding to the clan is the fun part. Haha, pretty sure people are glaring at me through the computer right now.
Sorry. It's how I feel today. Story may change.

So now I leave you with some pictures taken over the last 11 days.
She's nice.

First bath! Her chubbiness is going away - check out that double chin!

So fascinated

okay I lied. Still chubby. 

Our first walk - it was cut short. I felt great, but stopped feeling great about a quarter of the way in.

This is what our mornings are like. I get Lena up, and Charlotte thinks she gets to hold her first.  I let her. :) 


  1. You really missed an opportunity here to have a sweet animation of a unicorn pissing rainbows.

    1. I've seen that on your blog! I didn't want to plagiarize.

    2. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  2. ok I have slept in way later than 10 and rarely feel guilty about it. Also, those two girls are adorable. I especially love it when Charlotte tries to push Lena off her lap. And Lena is just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! I used to sleep in on the weekends before the little monsters were born. It's not that I normally get all kinds of things done before 10, it's that I am usually not still in bed. I might be watching Hoda and Kathy Lee in my pajamas, but it's downstairs on the couch. hahaha

  3. Firstly, your girls are adorable! I'm expecting my second [probably next week] and this gives me great hope that my two year old, who is already quite loving and affectionate, will treat the newborn with delicacy and adoration.
    Secondly, if you wouldn't mind, can you please name that stroller? I've been in the market for a double and this one seems absolutely perfect.

    1. Thanks, Anonymous! I hope you have an easy and safe delivery! The stroller is a Baby Jogger City Select. It was either that, or college for Charlotte. It is really awesome, but everything is a la carte, so it definitely adds up. (So far, I think it's worth it!)