Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kid's Store Jargon

Last week I did a little clothing shopping for Charlotte. I had a couple of coupons that were going to expire soon, so what better reason, really?
I'm not sure why I always have a story about shopping. see here. It's probably because I'm a mall rat.
In this particular story, I'm shopping at a kid's clothing store and looking for some sale items that I saw online.
The only signs I see say
"All jeans $9.99!!"
"Select leggings $7.99"
"Basic tees $5.99 regular price $12.99"

There is one stack of t-shirts by the sale sign and they are orange. Really.
There are three stacks of different leggings that do not match said orange shirt. (different collections, of course.)
I ask the girl working there about any other sales they have going on, as when I was online, I saw many items I was interested in. She explained that it was a "back to school sale? so it's like for the bigger kids? and your little girl isn't in school yet?"
So I asked her about the shirts that were marked $12.99 and if they were part of the basic tee sale. "Well these are fashion tees? and the sale is on basic tees? See how these have like glitter and buttons and some embellishments? The basic tees don't. They have ruffles?"

I'm gritting my teeth and kind of want her to just leave me alone. But she grabs her floor chart that diagrams where the sale items are to be laid out and explains it to me like it's a map of IKEA. And tells me how their store has this random section of extra shelving? so that's where I'll find the other ruffled tees?
Ok, got it.  This wall is where I'll find my daughter's size. Thanks.

So I start picking through the clothing that doesn't seem to have any sale sign near it, but it's the stuff I saw online. Oh look. There's a sale sticker on the tag! That would have been helpful to know. I choose the items that I want to buy and as I check out, I let her know that these are the "back to school" sale things I saw online. She exclaims, "OH! Those are mark downs! That's what you should have asked for!"

holy crap.
I love shopping online.

Would you rather shop at Brick and Mortar places (as they say on the interwebs) or do you like online shopping like me?


  1. This is why I hate people.

    Online shopping for life.

    1. Plus, you get packages in the mail!