Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Make Way for Charlotte Jane! (Part II)

So I left off where we discovered that the vacuum is a piece of crap and can't do it's job.

Basically, baby Charlotte was stuck. In my mind, it seemed as if we could have tried other, tarot cards, something. But the only option left was a c-section. I was pretty calm about it, but really disapointed.

I'll cut to the chase here. A c-section when you aren't planning on one totally sucks. I would have gladly pushed for another hour to deliver that baby. There's something so rewarding about doing all of that work to bring your little baby into the world, and having someone else take it our for you, makes me feel sad.

But oh well.

They brought me into the operating room and gave me a spinal and lots and lots of drugs. I kept on feeling the "pokes and pinches" they asked me about. So after 4 times of saying "yeah, pokes and pinches!!" I finally couldn't feel....anything. No emotions. Not a nice feeling after your baby is "born". I didn't want to tell the drs. that I had double vision because who knows what they would have given me to counteract that.

I was so relieved to be done with the surgery. It was about 45 minutes total, half of that time was just sewing me back up, while I watched my baby (where she looked like two babies) from 10 feet away. So close...yet soo far.

Once we got into recovery, I was finally able to hold and snuggle and feed her, nothing can top that feeling. I was high as a kite on a cocktail of narcotics. But I bet even without the drugs, I would have liked holding her for the first time. :)

Ok. She's squealing now. You get the picture. That was the story of her birth.
Must tend to the princess!!

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