Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking ahead to 2011...

What a year. What a decade!

Of course a lot of change takes place in a decade. To attempt to recap it would be slightly ridiculous. If digital photography was as prominent then as it is now, it'd be easier for me to look though various computer folders and determine what exactly was accomplished during those 10 years. I think it was a good 10 years over all.

I've thought about writing a letter to the 18 year old me. Telling her what she should have worked harder on, and what she should have worried about less. I would tell her that she did a great job. However, I am not sure what the point of writing to a past-life me would be. She wouldn't listen, because 28 year olds are old and lame.

38 year olds are even more lame! Maybe I could write a letter to the future me. The me in 10 years. Should I tell her that she better not be wearing mom jeans? Should I remind her of how much fun Marcus and I have together...or will she still know that? Maybe I'll mention how at this point, no children here yet, but one on the way, how I *think* raising children should be. Maybe she'll get a good laugh, or maybe she'll be doing it just as I intended. I think she'll listen because 28 year olds are awesome. :)

So, looking ahead to 2011, I know it's going to be a big year for us. It's going to be challenging, but rewarding (right?). We may be replacing last minute long weekends away with planning and packing. We may swap late nights out for late nights up. I just *might* be exchanging massages, facial treatments and leisure time with wiping snotty noses, cleaning up diaper blow outs, and calming a crying child.

I am just as much thrilled as I am terrified. Absolutely terrified. Absolutely thrilled.

Here's to an incredible 2011, and an unprecitable new decade!

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